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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Round 1, Match 27

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Approved by RavenXtra <3

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Pokemon Tournament! This torunament will feature the first 721 Pokemon from gens 1 - 6 and only 1 will be crowned the winner. The First Round will consist of 36 rounds of 20 Pokemon and only 10 of them will advance per round. There are no second chances in this round, if the Pokemon is 11th place or below it is out! Voting last until the next round is posted which should be around 12pm EST.

Even though there are 20 Pokemon per round you are only voting for the 10 you think should advance like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

The Top 10 Pokemon for each round will advance to round 2

Match 26 Results:

1) Victini 70 points

2) Omastar 60 points

3) Meloetta 56 points

4) Phanpy 54 points

5) Galvantula 49 points

6) Kingler 42 Points

7) Palkia 40 Points

8) Electrike 35 Points

9) Seel 30 points

10) Nuzleaf 24 Points

11) Mr. Mime 23 Points

12) Vanillite 22 Points

13) Archen 21 Points

14) Regice 19 points

15) Yanma 15 points

15) Weepinbell 15 Points

17) Mantyke 14 Points

18) Diggersby 9 Points

19) Lileep 6 points

20) Basculin 1 Points

We now move on to the 27th match of the competition, vote your favourites through to round 2 (pictures coming soon)

#226 Mantine

#687 Malamar

#340 Whiscash

#219 Magcargo

#188 Skiploom

#165 Ledyba

#228 Houndour

#610 Axew

#449 Hippopotas

#625 Bisharp

#483 Dialga

#148 Dragonair

#214 Heracross

#558 Crustle

#565 Carracosta

#402 Kricketune

#430 Honchkrow

#224 Octillery

#428 Lopunny

#19 Rattata

Vote your favourties through to round 2

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10p Bisharp
9p Octillery
8p Honchkrow
7p Heracross
6p Axew
5p Carracosta
4p Hippopotas
3p Mantine
2p Dragonair
1p Malamar

10p Bisharp
9p Heracross
8p Platina's inability to interpret time puns
7p Dragonair
6p Axew
5p Houndour
4p Honchkrow
2p Carracosta
1p Ratatta

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10. Dragonair

9. Heracross

8. Honchkrow

7. Malamar

6. Rattata

5. Whiscash

4. Ledyba

3. Dialga

2. Bisharp


You know it deserves the GOTY.

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10p Octillery
9p Malamar
8p Mantine
7p Dragonair
6p Dialga
5p Lopunny
4p Heracross
3p Marcargo
2p Carracosta
1p Crustle

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10 Bisharp
9 Carracosta
8 Mantine
7 Dragonaire
6 Heracross
5 Houndour
4 Macargo
3 Honchkrow
2 Dialga
1 Axew



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10p Heracross

9p Dragonair

8p Carracosta

7p Dialga

6p Macargo

5p Mantine

4p Axew

3p Honchkrow

2p Crustle

1p Loppuny


Even less interesting round :p

10p Dragonair
9p Time to stop
8p Ledyba
7p Skiploom
6p Mantine
5p Bisharp
4p Octillery
3p Axew
2p Magcargo
1p Houndour

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10p Platina's favourite Legendary
9p Dragonair
8p Skiploom
7p Hourdour
6p Heracross
5p Bisharp
4p Rattata
3p Axew
2p Ledyba
1p Hippopotas

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Follow my Gaming and Graphics Business on facebook and on Twitter: