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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will GTA become more controversial in America with all the shootings?

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Is GTA in danger?

Yes 4 26.67%
No 10 66.67%
Results 1 6.67%


Exactly like something out of GTA. with these mass shootings reaching unprecedented levels will there be a backlash for future GTA releases?  Will it get to the put where they no longer want the game releasing because it becomes to sensitive?  


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Nope. People are too busy fighting for/against gun control. No one got time anymore for violent video games.

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No, the cops in GTA don't shoot you for no reason. You have to give them a reason to shoot you.

No, but GTA developers may had more restraint to their games. Good faith efforts before they get bad press again.

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No because GTA didn't cause any of this. Plus people seem to be sensitive about all the wrong things...

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No shooting have always been happening.