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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Twilight Princess HD looks awesome!

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Twilight Princess HD looks awesome

Agree 36 50.00%
Maybe... 16 22.22%
Are you stupid? 20 27.78%


Like everyone else when I saw the trailer in the december Nintendo direct I was very dissapointed. I was waiting for everything to shatter like a shell and underneath there would be graphics like the Wii U tech demo. I've watched comparisons and haven't been impressed, at all... then I saw this: and I finally felt like what before seemed like a barely noticable improvement now is shining beautifully in it's HD coat.


What are your thoughts? Is the game worth buying if you have the original(s)?

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I think the truth is TP HD didn't look like what we thought it was going to look like. But now we know what to expect from it, we're starting to realise the big graphical improvements from the original. Good that Nintendo left just enough time between the reveal and the release for that to happen!

The trailer definitely did not impress me, but seeing more gameplay, it does look pretty good..

though not the best as I would expect it to be

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looks like monster hunter 3 ultimate. an hd port from wii to wii u. not impressive. wwhd was impressive.


this looks amazing.

I've seen at least 5 topics about TP hd today, it's crazy!

Back to the topic, it does look better than when they first revealed it that's for sure


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It looks much better than the first reveal. But not as good as it should look.

Real damn shame they did not get a new lighting system

also, is this like the first Nintendo published Wii U game to actually have AA in it.


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That cave looks ugly compared to the rest of the game though

D*mn that Ganondorf amiibo dishes out serious damage!

If you have original and you played it on Dolphin with HD texture packs and SweetFX, this WiiU remaster is really not something that will blow your mind...but it does look fine and it's good for people who can't/don't want to mess around with Dolphin.

However, amount of effort that went into this remaster does not justify $60 price tag, so, IMO, no, I don't think it's worth it.

TPHD is getting so many threads.

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