Should I get Uncharted Collection or wait for Uncharted 4?

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Wait for Uncharted 4 22 23.40%
Get Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection! 72 76.60%
archer9234 said:
Wait for 4. Your money is limited. You'll hate yourself for not playing the new thing, when it comes.

Your the type that reads the end of a book first right? or skips parts of book series to see how the last books in a series end, before starting a series?

If I do stuff like that it just ruins everything for me.



Lets plays.

If hes okay with watching someone else play the story for him, he could sit down and watch the Lets plays for a game or two, and then get the 4th when it comes out. However its a differnt thing to play a game, and watch it.

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Since you said you couldn't buy both and that you played Uncharted 3, I was gonna tell you to go for Uncharted 4. But thinking about it, you'll enjoy playing all three games consecutively and following the story, not to mention Uncharted 2 being a must play.

Get the Uncharted Collection. It will really make 4 a lot better for you when you get it. Beside Uncharted 4 is not going to drop till April. You have plenty of time to save up for it if you get tge collection now.

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Dude, you HAVE to play the first 3. Don't just jump into the fourth one. You can buy more video games in the future, I promise. 

I'd say get the collection first. I didn't get to play any of the Uncharted games last generation and playing the collection really hyped me up for A Thief's End. There's also the fact that there looks like there will be quite a few easter eggs for the previous games and it would be nice to at least know them before hand.

Also, the collection is three great games for the price of one and you have plenty of time (more than 3 months) until Uncharted 4 releases. If it's possible you could try and save up for it if you're determined to buy it day one.

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Should definitely play the Uncharted Collection before Uncharted 4.

1. Get the collection now.
2. Save up money by eating ramen noodles for a few months
3. Buy Uncharted 4 on release



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The only answer, get both you fucking cheapass.

Yeah, I have to agree with the consensus. I'd get the collection because with a series that's as narrative focused as Uncharted, you're going to want the whole story before you get 4.

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Nintation360 said:

Money is tight guys, so I cant buy both. I need opinions! This is too much D:  I also played Uncharted 3 a little bit but school swept me away from it. I LOVED Golden Abyss that was on the Vita. I haven't played Uncharted 1 or 2 yet.    

This is how its going to go down:

Firstly, if you LOVED Golden Abyss then you'll love every other Uncharted moreso becasue Golden Abyss was the worst (still fun though) game in the series.

Secondly, money is tight but I have a good hunch that before UC4, the UC Collection be on sale or even a promotion (ie. get the UC Collection at %50 off when purchasing UC4 etc..) so you might actually be able to afford both.

But if you can only choose one, I believe UC Collection is mandatory before getting UC4.