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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Any Idea Why Ocarina of Time 3D is Rare/Expensive Now?

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Its going for 50+ dollars at gamestop now...




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Because Nintendo printed all of ten copies four years ago and called it a day.


In anticipation of a Select version perhaps?

There are plenty at BestBuy (they restocked OOT 3D). Check it out


Yeah... its been what 3 or 4 years? Its natural that they aren't printing more of them after they came out with majora's mask.

Also, Nintendo games don't tend to drop price, so yeah... its one of the reasons that keeps me from getting stuff like Luigi's mansion 2 and some of the mario and luigi games. Too expensive to just give it a spin.

And who knows... it might come on the new discount line soon.

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forest-spirit said:
In anticipation of a Select version perhaps?

Yep. They'll have to expand their 3DS Selects lineup, as it is, it's kind of bare bones. We need more titles, like Donkey Kong 3DS, the Zelda 64 games, PilotWings Resort and other titles.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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LuckyTrouble said:
Because Nintendo printed all of ten copies four years ago and called it a day.

Is stock that bad in the States? It's easy as pie to find in this part of the world, but then again, NoE > NoA so...

It's a Nintendo game.

Well, this is new.


Because Ocarina of Time.

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Looks like they just plain didn't print enough. The prices have been this way for years. Star Fox 64 3D is even worse.