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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami Should learn From Shenmue kickstarter for Their Silent Hill

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       Never have a thought that Sony would made a kick starter goal like that in their Big conference , but it was just a covert op and a camouflage to determine how much the demand for the games.    - -

We also knew this, that Konami position is not like going to bankrupt soon or under heavy monetary problem like SEGA was, and if they really worried the games will not sell that much they can just make an announcement for kick starter campaign or hell they can just contact SONY, Microsoft, or Nintendo to make exclusive deal.

 I think Japanese Industry is still quit big even under a big influence of  monetary crisis like now, they still have a lot of smart  people that can save their video games industry.  - it's a philosophy that money is not the problem here, but attitudes to move forward that hold their success.- 

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I don't blame Konami Silent Hills looks like money pitt, it will cost a lot to make, not simply 2 million + sony investment.

It is the one investment I can understand why they don't want to make.


No. Konami does not need a kickstarter. They are no longer interested in console and should go jump naked into a burning pile of cacti.
Kojima and Del Toro on the other hand? Go for it.

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no they just arent interesting in making the games and have pissed off kojima

If kojima went on his own i bet he could get 2million and someone would back it. but the silent hills name probably wont go with it

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No, I don't think they should. They should either try to make it and make the best they can do, or just drop it like they did. Don't expect consumers to try to show interest by paying for it.



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I don't think it works like that.

Konami clearly showed that they don't give a crap about Silent Hills, so we're not gonna see it anytime soon, I'm afraid.

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