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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Disappointed no FFXII HD announced, no Wild, no Mass Effect Remastered

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So yeah, one of the annoucements I was most hoping for was a Final Fantasy XII HD remaster. If I remember correctly, FFX HD sold better than FF XIII-3 and sold over Square Enix's expectations. I would have preferred much more announcing a FF XII HD for the end of the year or something rather than projects are are still seemingly in their pre-production stage and that we won't see anything or won't come out for years.

I was also disappointed in the lack of info on Wild. We haven't gotten any information on the game since it was announced at Gamescom last year. Why must video game developers announce games years before they are going to be ready for release? These studios need to take a page from Rockstar and Bethesda, two studios who generally announce games when they are close to being released.

Finally, since Mass Effect Andromeda was announced years before it's intended release date, a remaster of the first three games would have been the perfect thing to help wait. Yet nothing.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. This is the best E3 since I started watching them.

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Yeah, I'm really bummed and downright surprised about no Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy. I might have been swayed to buy a PS4 this Christmas if they'd announced it.

You forgot also no DQ11.

Well, at least we have Nier.

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I was also expecting a XII HD remaster announcement. Oh, well, they announced a remake for FF VII (Best E3 news for me).

I would have liked to have the mass effect trilogy remastered for this year... Oh well... Not like I don't have them on my 360 already...

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If we hear about Wild this year then it's going to be in Paris I'd say.

Yeah, I really want a FFXII and Mass Effect Trilogy remaster. Maybe they will be announced later this week, as the devs didn't think it was worthy of announcement at their conferences because some people really moan abou them.

Isnt less remasters a good thing though? For me it certainly is.

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maybe it just means we finally have enough new games coming out we can back off the remasters just a tad....

Now Remakes are a different story. Do those as much as you like devs.

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I was hoping for a FFXII Remaster as well. Oh well.. Maybe next year. The game's 10th Anniversary is next year, so it may be apropos to release it then.