Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

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I have an original blue 3ds that i bought a few days before the official price drop for $179 at walmart and was able to login and be part of the ambassador program as well as get it cheaper.

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I have XL, and an unsellable broken screen OG one, shoved somewhere in the corner of somewhereland.

I have it, it's the small one I bought it for Smash :p

Still got my original aquatic blue Nintendo 3ds, got it during its second launch week if I remember correctly.
It's still perfectly fine, so I'm not considering an update at the moment.

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I still have my aqua blue original 3DS

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It's the only one I have because, like you, why would I pay money to play something I already have! I do plan on getting a new3DS XL one day, but probably not while it's at full price.


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I've got a Zelda original and a Zelda XL. I prefer the original 3DS because the resolution is much more appropriate for that screen. Though the XL is much more comfortable.

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Yeah, it's my only 3DS so far, but I plan on getting a New 3DS XL sometime.

Yes a black one and I have no plans to upgrade until they do a new handheld.

I got the original the day OoT 3D released. I've been quite happy with it, even though I barely touch it these days. If the new 3DS boasts better resolution or something, I might buy one.

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