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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is anybody actually excited for Sonic Boom?


It will be:

**** 10 7.52%
AMAZING 11/10 13 9.77%
Bad 31 23.31%
Ok 63 47.37%
Sega will go bankrupt before they release it. 6 4.51%
<insert something Atari> 10 7.52%

I know i kind of am,the game looks kind of promising to mebut all i've seen is people ignoring it or saying it will suck. 

So, are sonic fans in denial? Will the game suck? Has this thread been made before? I'm sorry if it has.


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Sonic Boom!

Im curious about it. Looks fun.

Im not too interested honestly. Ill probably wait and see a number of reviews and lets plays before i get it. After Lost World and Generations, I really want to see the next title by Sonic Team or a current gen Sonic

Excited? No.

But i will get it on discount at some time. Its another game i want to get for the Wii U, so theres nothing wrong with it. I just cant afford everything.

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I wouldn't say that I was excited for it, but I'm not as disappointed with it as I was at first. I might give it a rental when I buy a Wii U next year, but I doubt i'll buy it. Hopefully the next-gen multiplat main series Sonic game that Sega is working on for 2015 is really good, as good as Generations if not better. I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of the story arc from Sonic 1-Sonic and Knuckles with a mix of 2D and 3D levels, similar to Sonic Generations.

Already pre-ordered it. It's pretty much the only platformer coming out this year and im quietly confident it's going to be better than some of its initial showings made it look.

Not really. Sega just keeps beating Sonic like a dead horse.

Sonic Whom??

ktay95 said:
Sonic Whom??

Sanic Broom?!