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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Brawl in the Family is over

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Haven't seen anyone talking about this here. This is a fairly popular webcomic that has been running for something like six years. This is the final "comic":

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Fuck! I loved his comics T_T


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People really didn't know this was happening? The comic has been building up to it for the past two months. I figured anyone who cared about the comic would have checked it at least once in that time.

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quite sad to hear

it's not something I follow, but every so often I'll come across it again and spend a good few hours reading through archives. still can I guess, I hope the site's not going anywhere

I've been reading it since its early years, back when Brawl was a new thing.
It's funny how it ended when Super Smash Bros. for 3DS was released.

If anyone here is bored and doesn't have anything to do, I recommend reading it every now and then. 600 is a lot of comic strips to have fun with =O

Ka-pi96 said:
Never heard of it, maybe it's worth a look though. I love reading webcomics that have already been out for ages, no having to wait to see more

History of Nintendo is still my favorite, it's not exactly a "comic" though.

It had its moment, but I forgot it existed for months on end. Which reminds me, is Awkward Zombie back yet?

Sad, but hopefully he'll be able to expand his career and make more dough.....