Once graphics is mastered what do you bring to attract the consumers?

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When we finally get to the point of realism in graphics from all consoles, probably by the end of this gen or next gen, what are gaming companies going to have to do to attract it's customers to make them buy their product? Graphics is no longer a selling feature what do they bring?

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Tits and gameplay


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Dicks and Gameplay.

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New experiences like VR, a wealth of new and returning content, and affordable game streaming.

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Story and Gameplay... as ever.

When we reach the point of photorealism, I think non-realistic artsy rendering techniques will make a comeback, like cel-shaded games or blocky retro styled games. Think minecraft, wind waker, borderlands, the witness, no man's sky etc, but with more cool particle/lighting/whatever effects

To me, we're still no where close to true realism. I can practically pick apart any and every game and spot what's wrong. That said, I think the focus should continue to be both visual and mechanical. Nothing wrong with a superiority of both.



It's actually already happening. People don't even look at the actual graphics anymore, the reasoning behind getting something relies on pointless numbers that they don't even understand most of the time - CPU, GPU, FPS, resolution, etc.

The people who buy a console or game because of graphics today will still buy them for graphics in 20 years.

Still, I don't think we're anywhere near truly real graphics. Sure, there are some very good-looking games out there and stuff like The Last of Us and Uncharted do look pretty real when it comes to models and lightning... but they just don't look real. I think there's still a lot of room for improvement, especially with animations.

We will all get cybernetic enhancements that allow us to see in higher definition than normally possible.