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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Destiny, Watch Dogs, Titanfall: Only one xb1

Internet doesnt really matter though, you know that.

This kind of statement will become rumor and then fact to a good portion of the uninformed.customer.
Thats why these statements exist. They know internet will tear them apart, but average consumer wont.

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Yes, but you then walk in a store and see the games on all systems...

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That's a good one!

If you get titanfall TV becomes exclusive to the xbox one!

kupomogli said:

Actually, he is lying.  All three titles can be played on the 360 and PC.  Just because all three can't be played on the PS4 doesn't mean that all three can only be played on the Xbox One.  Way to spin it so some people might think Destiny and Watch Dogs are Microsoft exclusive.

Well the xbox one version of game X runs exclusively on the xbox one! /sarcasm

i lol'd. things are grtting desperate at ms huh.

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sales2099 said:
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FIT_Gamer said:

lol, Aren't all three of those game also available on 360? 

Yup. 360 9th year support >> PS3 in its 9th year confirmed. Whodathunkit

ps3 is only in its 8th year

exactly. 360 is in its 9th and its getting a lot of high profile multiplats/games not on Playstation. Next year, I doubt PS3 will get the same amount of notable releases. Hence my post.

You being in the xbox camp is fine, but we're not even in March yet. You don't know what the rest of the year has in store for either ps3 or 360 to make that kind of statement, but I guess it is your opinion and you're entitled to it. Anyway, 3 big games in Titanfall, Destiny and Watchdogs for 360 so far. Unless I missed something, Destiny and Watchdogs is on ps3 too. Ps3 also has Persona 5. Maybe not high profile for everyone but I believe it will sell well. All three sides have good games coming.

Also, In my opinion this one possibly good year for 360 doesn't even out to the last 3 for sony.

No 2015 is PS3's 9th year. And my thought was that it probably won't get high profile multiplats like Destiny/Watch Dogs or a not-on-360 game like Titanfall. 360's 9th year will be better then PS3's 9th year (next year). I think it's cool for the brand, that's all.

Sorry for large quote tree hard to edit on my phone... 

Sales I think you have an interesting point and prospective here, but I'm not sure how it tracks historically... i got my ps3 in 08 and there were still triple A third party titles being published for that system... third parties will undoubtedly continue to support last consoles with great games for a couple years to come... if any thing I'd say we have a lot more to look forward to on those systems then less

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

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