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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How could this happen to me?

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Seriously... IT happened so many times and I think everyone of us has made some  experiences with it. It's now 3 am and I just got done playing MGS 3.

Beat Volgin and almost arrived at the Boss, at least I thought so when suddenly:

(pic taken from google)

Don't you just love it when that happens? ESPECIALLY since I almost beat the game and have to do the whole fucking Groznyj Grad all over again.

Similar things happened when I played Darksiders II... dat ice cold freeze.

The thing is that it ALWAYS happens whenever you want it the least. (Gosh have that error when I start the game, not when I'm 2 hours in)...

F*ck, I feel like in elemantary school, raging about everything :(

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I had mine for 10 years and then it Finally gave out, I know that feel Bro :/

That's never happened to me, fortunately.

A friend was playing Baten Kaitos at my house a week ago and my Gamecube gave a wild DRE two hours in. Aside from that random DRE sometimes (like every few hundred hours), it reads perfectly.

For some reason Zelda games always at some point freeze and I have to restart my console. Especially at boss battles! :'(

The boss battle in the water temple in OoT froze two times in a row for me, and I hate that temple haha.

Uncharted 2(or was it 3?) at the train-level froze for me too. Arghh...

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Just wait for the patch ;)

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vivster said:
Just wait for the patch ;)

I heard they have no plans for future updates and no DLC is being ported.


I completed MGS3 the first time when it was ported to the 360. Good stuff.

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