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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Order: 1886: Ready At Dawn teases a glimpse of new PS4 build; shows facial animation from final build

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These pics just say it all about this game.

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Link? I see nothing in the OP and I am on my iPhone.

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That in game model is very detailed. I'm curious to see what the game plays like and what unique mechanics it has.

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Kinda old pics. They were published during the coverage of the game by Game Informer.
But still, it's quite amazing. If these turn out to be actual ingame animations, my mind would be blown.

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Euphoria14 said:
Link? I see nothing in the OP and I am on my iPhone.

There's a pic there, but it's not showing up on my phone either. Try this:

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

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"Say it all about the game". Yeah, just like L.A Noire's facial animation said it all as well...


Too bad the rest of the game sucked badly.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves now We need gameplay. To see the thing fully animated.

Detailed facial animation are comparably easy. But it does show some form of dedication.

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I dont think it's the final build, it's old ( at least from october )

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17th of February can't come soon enough! The end of the preview embargo and a new trailer arrives

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i had a strong feeling that this new IP is going to be another PlayStation successful title like Uncharted...