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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can Super Smash Bros Wii U outsell Super Smash Bros Melee?

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Will Smash bros Wii U outsell Melee?

Yes 10 52.63%
No 6 31.58%
Same 3 15.79%

     What the subject says.. Is Super Smash Bros for the Wii U able to outsell Melee? I am on the fence regarding  this. The franchise is much bigger than back then, but I feel like the 3DS could hurt the  sales a bit. Just a small bit. For the record, Melee sold 7.07 million worldwide.
      So.. Do you think Smash Bros Wii U will outsell Melee?

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Not a chance. The 3DS version and Wii U one combined... maybe. But the Wii U version is not going to make it.

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Probably not... I see it selling around 5 million.

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Smash bros U will only reach 6 mil at best in this scenario. The 3ds version will have a moderate impact on it's big brother.

Could it? Yes. Will it? Not sure.