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Forums - Sony Discussion - nDreams Announce PS4 Exclusive in dev, Releases in 2014!

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UK development studio nDreams has today announced development on a PlayStation 4  exclusive title. Very few details are available at present though the team promise that more will be revealed in the new year.


“I’m delighted to be able to officially announce that we are working on a PlayStation 4title, which will launch in 2014.” States nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh in an open letter. “More details will follow next year, but it’s the most ambitious game we have ever created, and we can’t wait to reveal more about it – it’s going to be something truly special.”

nDreams has previously found success on PlayStation Home, delivering content to a very concentrated audience. The team also have mobile titles and Oculus Rift projects in the pipeline for 2014, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated on all of these and other titles from nDreams.





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I have no idea who nDreams are :P They done anything of interest i haven't heard about?

What a misuse of the Exclamation mark... making it look like something really special is happing by a super studio.. nDreams... c'mon..


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agrees with nikkom. not exclamation material

pezus said:
Making something for Sony's Oculus?

Who knows, maybe.....




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Didn't they used to make DS games?

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From Wikipedia
"nDreams claims to be one of the world's leading independent developers and publishers in PlayStation Home, the expanding virtual world on Sony's PlayStation 3 console. In the last two years (from 2009), nDreams has released 19 Home spaces and 13 Home items across multiple territories."

Nothing to see here, move along.

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the2real4mafol said:
Didn't they used to make DS games?

You're thinking of n-Space.

Willing to give every company a chance, but that news as of yet doesn't provide me with any excitement at all.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

lol i would be more excited if someone on VGchartz was developing an exclusive than nDreams.