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Forums - Gaming Discussion - You Guys is Cray Cray if You Think the Xbox One is Going the Way of the Wii U!


What do you say to someone who says Xbox One will die?

You cray cray! 63 21.88%
Xbox One won 19 6.60%
Xbox won't drop dead like a dead guy 33 11.46%
Wii U will dominate because of cranky kong 172 59.72%

If you think the Xbox One will do as bad as the Wii U come next year you're up for some disappointment.You guys are forgetting the Wii U did, in a lot of weeks, worse the Wii. It did, in a lot of weeks, only around 20k worldwide. Xbox One will never do this bad. Xbox One will do at least 60k-80k worldwide every week next year and explode when there is a price cut/Halo 5/good Kinect system sella/cloud. I expect Xbox One to hit 15 million by the end of next year while the Wii U will be under 10 million. You guys is cray cray, I see you posting in other threads saying come January the Xbox One will die like dead guy. Xbox One is not doomed in any way shape or form. Do you agree??

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60-80k every week would be pretty impressive actually.

Also I don't agree. Too soon to know though.

Considering the Xbone has third party support and a few games coming out for it soon it probably won't drop like dead guy.  But I don't think it will do gangbusters either.

its not going to do wii u numbaz but it also wont do ps4 numbaz

A quantum break bundle, titan fall, GTA5 better version, and third party support will keep the Xbox One very strong in the spring. I can see it moving a few million consoles Q1/Q2

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Even though I agree about xbox one not doing as bad as Wii U was, I doubt xbox one will sell anything near 15 million by the end of next year, heck, even ps4 won't achieve that next year unless you're implying xbox one> ps4 next year. Not gonna happen.

Turkish said:
its not going to do wii u numbaz but it also wont do ps4 numbaz

PS4 numbaz is irrelavent because itz doomed already. Confirmed already. Its selling worse than Wii U in japan don't you see???

i agree that pandas are cute... but i think red pandas are cuter :)

lol all the doom thread makes people cum... so it will just be coming all year round... after the holiday season all consoles will be "doomed"


I don't agree

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