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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 and ONE. The wisdom of 33 countries versus 13.

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Which was wisest?

13 101 18.53%
33 305 55.96%
Somethign else 36 6.61%
See results 103 18.90%


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Well there's half a million difference in sales so we know Sony are shipping more, and i expect those extra countries didn't take half a million units yet, So i suspect Sony are still shipping more to the original 13 countries.

Remember MS also reduced there release countries close to launch, until then they were going for similar amount of territories.

You could also argue these extra 20 territories are now going to be an extreme struggle for MS to compete in.

I dont think either strategy is better than the other really.

Sony will ship more for all countries and will sold more in all 13 countries too.

So I think you have your answer.

this thread is premature. Sony and MS are still restocking and the holiday season isnt over. dont get to giddy just because of of the past two weeks of sales. also you do realize that so xbox one has took 2 weeks to less what PS4 did in the first 24 hours in the US, right? 

This is 2013. We live in a global economy. As long as your product is "compatible" with the world as a whole, sell it wherever you need to to continue healthy sales and continual support. There is a market for PlayStation in most modern societies. In North America alone, you don't have to be the best selling product in your market to be successful.

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kowenicki said:
by the way look at that game tag... versus 13...

lol, that a good one. 

Microsoft is losing out on a number of core gamer in twenty countries that will switch to the PS4 because the Xbox One is not available.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

And when Sony announces 3milby the end of December and MS by mid january. Then 4mil by end of Feb and 5Mil by end of march for sony and MS announces 4mil then i think youwill have your answer

kowenicki said:

That answers nothing.

You too have missed the point.

Or course not... if Sony outsell Xbone in all the 13 countries you have no point at all because Sony didn't abdicated the strong markets for the smaller ones.

I would have to agree. Sony are guaranteed a sale selling in markets without competition but they are missing out on a possibility of taking away a sale from Microsoft due to having a competing product.