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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ubisoft teases GTA V in Watch dogs ad

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Ubisoft has a good sense of humor. They are saying, wait for watch dogs by playing GTA V. I laughed when I saw this.




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I don't think so, that's why I'm waiting for the next gen version :)

I'll be going on the 29th November, waiting for the PS4 version

I like it

Interested in seeing the WiiU port since they have the PS4 team working on it

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Nice ad...but I'm not interested in the game.

Ouch. And I tought MY self-esteem was low...all this ad conveys: H-hey. D-don't forget about us, ...please...? Guys...?

Something looks off with the gameplay to me^

Saints Row taking shots

Watch Dogs taking shots now

Now this is great advertising!


Edit: The Italic curse has appeared again for me n_n


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Like it! They don't pretend they are not directly competing with GTA V with Watch Dogs, don't act like it does not exist, but make a good remark to buy their game instead. I may not be as hyped for WatchDogs as I am for GTA V but still, will probably play it first. If there's no PS4 port of GTA V by holidays 2014, then it will be the time to dust off my PS3 and play it there.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!