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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Evaluation of the current Nintendo community on VGC

spurgeonryan's recent thread about Nintendo making a comeback on VGC made me wonder about how good of a Nintendo community we actually have here. This thread's purpose is to pass judgment on people, meaning anyone who posts in this thread will be judged. If you can't handle the truth, stay out!

Users will be put in various categories which are as follows:

Nintendogs: They are big Nintendo fans and also big contributors, meaning they post regularly and a lot.
Nintenpuppies: They too use Nintendo systems as their main gaming platforms, but post infrequently or stay under the radar.
Friendly Folks: They may or may not play Nintendo systems, it certainly isn't their main focus. Occasionally they are on the anti-Nintendo side of an argument, but they are good people in general.
Enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom: These people are not our friends and must be approached with caution.
Unknown: New users and other people that not much is known about.

Thread will be updated periodically.


AlphaCielago - A teenager who loves Nintendo. By no means a common thing.
archbrix - Put Bioshock on Nintendo consoles, pronto!
Cobretti2 - Owns all consoles, but buys multiplats on Nintendo for some inexplicable reason.
Conegamer - Dreams of becoming a mod, but can't even read the clock.
curl-6 - Obsessed with graphics. Gets easily offended by cats.
Einsam_Delphin - Never loses an argument, because he keeps replying until the opposition leaves.
F0X - Not an animal, but a fan of racing in the future.
forest-spirit - Is just as boring as this reads.
Gnac - So blunt that enemies often don't realize what brick just hit them.
KHlover - Bought a Vita for Dead or Alive 5 Plus. Clearly has a sockshot.
MDMAlliance - Loves to argue with idiots only to be brought down to the same level.
morenoingrato - Used to hate Skyward Sword for its artstyle. Now it's because of the controls.
Mr Khan - Suffers mental breakdowns from kids games.
NintendoPie - Rol's son. Learned to behave after getting disowned by his VGC parents.
noname2200 - Insults people in original ways. Was believed to be Rol's alt account.
osed125 - Has a sick bunny fetish.
Otakumegane - Was sick of VGC and announced that he needed a break. Returned on the next day.
radishhead - I still can't believe he is a moderator.
RolStoppable - Insane ego. Even more overrated than Sony's first party games.
Salnax - Likes most wanted lists and living in alternate realities.
sethnintendo - *Sings* He was playing Animal Crossing, but then he got high.
Smeags - At Rol's service. Grants mod protection, bans people upon request.
Soleron - Announced that Nintendo will add backwards compatibility to the Wii. Got people excited.
spurgeonryan - Sanity status questionable. Could run amok any minute.
superchunk - Very delusional. Believed in good third party support for the Wii U.
tbone51 - Compensates his rampant fanboyism by giving Sony credit where no credit is due.
TheKingofRedLions - Say that Nintendo isn't for core gamers and he will come to kick your butt.
TheLastStarfighter - About the only guy in the world who plays Black Ops 2 on Wii U.
TruckOSaurus - The Week That Was, will it ever come back?
Viper1 - Lied about DiRT 2. Will never be forgiven for that.
zorg1000 - Fights the good fight, but tends to forget to bring the right weapons.


Acevil - Abandoned us, because VGC is beneath him.
AIAS - Would rather be a kitten.
Aidman - The Legend of Zelda 4 life.
aikohualda - What shall I say? Dilemma, dilemma.
Anari - You belong here, but there's nothing else to say.
Arius Dion - Eagerly awaits the day we wake up from the nightmare the industry currently is.
AstroGamer - Easy to forget about his existence.
Baddman - Knows that a car that goes at a speed of two miles per hour won't kill a human being.
bobgamez - One of two people who want a Nintendo phone.
brute - Used to be a hardcore spammer. Good for him that nobody remembers his dark past.
burninmylight - Used to be respectable, then it turned out that he is a Vikings fan.
CityOfNoobs - The Mushroom Kingdom does not reject Nintendo fans.
C-M-D - Hard to judge lurkers. Sorry.
Cougarman - Believes that God and Rol are two different entities.
_crazy_man_ - Is extraordinary ordinary.
Cubedramirez - Has ambition.
cyberninja45 - Incredibly dishonorable player. Picks on weaklings in Mario Kart 7.
DevilRising - Is old enough to remember the old Nintendo.
DieAppleDie - He is such a failure in Luigi's Mansion 2.
Dulfite - Already proved himself with a single-digit post count.
EricFabian - Lives in Brazil where they speak Italian-Spanish.
famousringo - If it hadn't been for him, we wouldn't have learned that IGN is biased against Nintendo.
finalfantasystud - Presumably likes Final Fantasy.
fordy - Knows that Sony is an evil corporation.
Gamerace - A sheep in need of guidance.
gumby_trucker - Insisted that Endless Ocean 2 is not a game that should be played like a game.
JEMC - Spends his days looking for funny pictures.
johnlucas - So well-versed in giving speeches that he could found a Nintendo religion.
Jumpin - Let's just say that his view of Americans isn't exactly favorable.
ISawYoshi - But we haven't seen much of him.
Leadified - Was Metroid: Other M really that bad of a game? How about The Wind Waker...
leedlelee - Hm... hm... maybe you should post more.
Maris - Is one sexy beast. Rawr!
Mensrea - More Metroid, F-Zero and Star Fox, please!
menx64 - Costa Rica. Needs more practice in Mario Kart 7.
milkyjoe - Managed to have a Nintendo Direct thread without any posts while the ND was live.
Mnementh - Possibly the worst gamer this forum has ever seen. At least that's what he thinks.
MohammadBadir - If you are going to troll, you might as well pick a good avatar to go along with it.
orniletter - At times more concerned about who might post, rather than the actual topic itself.
Pavolink - Used to post more. His avatar fits his personality.
PigPen - Also known as WiseOwl.
POE - Was surprised that Rol is a Nintendo fan.
RCTjunkie - Was worried that a Toadette avatar would make him look gay.
RedInker - It's hard to be respected when everyone associates you with Butters.
Roma - Still doesn't realize that posting "Nintendo is dooooomed!" ceased to be funny years ago.
shakarak - Likes bloodthirsty rodents.
Solid-Stark - Doesn't fight at the frontlines, just plays games.
Spazzy_D - Believes that actual Nintendo fans should encourage the path of self-destruction.
S.Peelman - Would rather believe that third party games are selling the Wii U than the system being trash.
snyps - Vengeful and tactless with no patience.
Teriol - Fights for the good cause, but is overmotivated at times.
theRepublic - Has such a big backlog that servers get shut down before he unwraps the game in question.
TomaTito - Remembers our good old friend Frank and the taglines for VGC members.
TripleMMM - Big fan of Rol. A man with good taste.
turtuls - One of the few who actually liked No More Heroes, for most it was just ammo in the console wars.
zippy - Rob Haywood all the way, baby!

Friendly Folks

Ajescent - Tries his best to convince people that the Vita has games. Has yet to succeed.
animegaming - Has good taste in JRPGs.
Augen - Likes video games much more than console wars.
AshKetchum1992 - Unknown how much of a Nintendo fan he really is.
bananaking21 - His threads are influenced by Rol and spurge. It's like mixing food and poison.
BasilZero - Will buy a 3DS two months from now, because it's always two months from now.
Blacksaber - Can't let Sega go.
BloodyRain - Got a good taste of snyps's vengeance and tactlessness.
Boutros - The first thing that comes to mind is "Depp". Hehehe.
Carl2291 - Used to be one of our biggest enemies before he realized who the real enemies are.
Cheddarchet - Should post more to receive better judgment.
Chris1596 - Knows how to behave.
darkknightkryta - Appreciates Kim Possible and... um... otherwise blends in with the rest?
DucksUnlimited - You don't like, you don't post!
Euphoria14 - Is going to leave this website for good. Yes, really. He's still here? Oh...
fmjasinski - How could I forget about him? Maybe, just maybe, because of his name.
gooch_destroyer - I have no idea how you got so many posts in only half a year. Vita cult? 
green_sky - Notices hypocritical behavior in the gaming community.
iceland - The country where penguins are the main source of meat.
Jay520 - Wears a tin foil hat, believes the mods are out to get him and only him.
JayWood2010 - Unbiased gamer. "Secretly" favors Microsoft.
KingdomHeartsFan - Is mad at Nintendo for making games that people want to buy.
kitler53 - Abandoned Nintendo due to lack of commitment on their part. Happy Vita owner.
Lastgengamer - Even he himself has yet to figure out where he wants to belong.
Mad55 - Tales of fan. Posts insightful comments like "LOL".
Michael-5 - Fights against the Helghast as a mercenary for Microsoft.
MrUnagi - Thinks that everyone needs to be labeled, because Rol has an opinion.
mysticwolf - Has lost sight of the herd.
Mythmaker1 - Lives up to his name.
NobleTeam360 - Should be a Nintenpuppy, because as a Cowboys fan he knows what it means to suffer.
outlawauron - Lived through the entire sixth gen without knowing that the GC is more powerful than the PS2.
Scoobes - Thinks of dedicated gaming machines as a niche market.
TheKoreanGuy - Doesn't cause trouble.
Troll_Whisperer - Signed up to reason with trolls. Lost faith in humanity after encountering Rol.
VGPolyglot - Believes that Sebastian Kramer is real.
Wright - Reasonable in general, but blinded by bias when it comes to Mistwalker.
Xen - Returned for the eighth generation.
Zappykins - Begging won't get you very far, but okay.
Zekkyou - I like that avatar.

Enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom

Alby_da_Wolf - You go here because of your more than questionable sense of humor.
areason - Would be welcome, if he could think of a proper one to post in Nintendo threads.
Areym - Might make the jump to Friendly Folks eventually.
chocoloco - Horrible poster. Hates Nintendo. Loves NeoGAF's hivemind.
Deyon - Dreams of being a big bad bully, but ends up as the victim himself regularly.
dharh - Despises change.
Fusioncode - Yup, one of the bad guys.
ghettoglamour - Is sick of Nintendo milking their IPs. Is also a fan of Ratchet & Clank.
JoeTheBro - Told us what the Wii U Gamepad should have been. Essentially, a Vita.
Mummelmann - First and foremost a PC gamer. Can lash out, depending on his mood.
oni-link - Sides with us whenever it serves as an excuse to beat down Sony.
Osc89 - Wants Nintendo to go third party.
PDF - Loved to play Wii Bingo.
pezus - Secretly wants to be like Rol. Thinks of himself as a big fish, but is actually quite harmless.
pokoko - Commonly takes (sly) stabs at Nintendo and the Nintendo fanbase. Deceives many.
radiantshadow92 - Loves IGN for hating Nintendo.
ryuzaki57 - Has become a punching bag for Nintendo fans.
Serious_frusting - Gets very defensive when people say something bad about his favored company.
S.T.A.G.E. - Reasoning with him is like juggling nitroglycerine. It will blow up in your face eventually.
theprof00 - Would love to have Monster Hunter on Vita, but its sales levels are absolute basket case.
think-man - Used to be a notorious offender, then he met the moderators.
Zero999 - Still unclear if he wants to make us look bad genuinely or if it's all an accident.



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Judge away!

Rol is Enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom #1. If found, do not attempt to apprehend. Suspect is armed with dangerous ideas and may corrupt your pure Mushroom-crowned minds with his heathen propaganda.

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think-man said:
Judge away!

Enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Come on Toads, pitchforks ahoy at this Slimy Sonyite!!!


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Judge me

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KingdomHeartsFan said:

Judge me

Friendly Folk because he wants a Vita like a woman and doesnt like the WiiU like a man.


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I have a feeling I already know how I will be judged.

MDMAlliance said:
I have a feeling I already know how I will be judged.

Nintendogs cause you are a woman.


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this shall be interesting

KingdomHeartsFan said:

Judge me

Kingdom Hearts is not a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, so you're an enemy of the mushroom kingdom.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.