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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Any guys here playing Fighting games?

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I have started to play Street fighter 4 and would need som advice from experts.

Whats the easiest Character to learn?

Is a fighting Stick worth the money?

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I don't know that much but a friend of mine who knows a lot about fighting games says that the fighting stick is for people who can't adapt to a controller. You should try both of them and decide for yourself. Between Dualshock and a Xbox 360 controller go for the Dualshock.

As for an easy character, I think Ryu is fairly easy to use!

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I like Tekken so I play that also Dead or Alive 5 (Sometimes)


EDIT: Maybe Chu Li

Shoryuken has a lot of info in its wiki:

Ken or Ryu are the easiest in my view. Guile isn't hard too since he is a "back forward" character, but there is some complexity with his specials and I've known people to not execute them well.

The stick is good if you want the arcade feel, and in that sense it is worth it, but totally unnecessary. If you intend to go pro then it is essential, though. Where I love tournies are only done with the stick.


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Tekken ftw.
For beginners, Ryu and Ken are your Bread and Butter, but ideally you'd want someone else.

Fight sticks are only worth it if you want to become really serious.

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Ryu and all hadouken characters often have similar moves so learning them is pretty easy. For a charge character I suggest learning Balrog. Also Grappling characters like Zangief and Hakan, are very hard with a controller. I would only suggest getting a fight stick if you like fighting games and intend to keep playing them.

Player2 said:

Shoryuken has a lot of info in its wiki:

I know I did visit this and got some information. I just wanted to ask your guys opinion

gooch_destroyer said:

I like Tekken so I play that also Dead or Alive 5 (Sometimes)


EDIT: Maybe Chu Li

Yeah I loved Tekken as well but Tekken 6 kinda sucked Tag Tournament was fun again. DoA is kinda cool did play a bunch of it when it was free for PS+