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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Fes 3D ?

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So, Atlus has moved most of their inhouse Ips to the 3DS (Devil Survivor, Etrian Odyssey, Mainline SMT), SMT IV sold well on the 3DS (beating Nocturne´s fw without digital sales) and Nintendo seems to be supportive (30$ eShop credit for Fire Emblem and SMT IV, crossover)

....add the fact that Atlus apparently likes Remakes/Handheld ports (every Persona game, Soul Hackers, Devil Survivor)

Could you see an enhanced Nocturne port for the 3DS ?

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Hope so!

That would be amazing...

Sooo... 2 people could see it happening?

Seems plausible to me, and be happy to see more SMT.

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Eh, I would prefer a new Devil Survivor or Persona game but a advance port of the 3rd game probably wouldn't be that bad.

Maybe instead of Dante or Raidou, they could have Pitt or Dark Pitt/Pittoo from Kid Icarus.

Not before I finish the original. But not at all impossible.

I hope so.. and I would love a new Devil Summoner too.. that well those two games were really good.. I also absolutely love the Persona series.. but then again.. big fan of everything Shin Megami Tensei...

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I hope so I want to play it but my Ps2 broke .

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would love it but i don't think so