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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTA V PS3 bundle going for $269.99 on Amazon!

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Normal price of PS3 250GB is $269.99 w/ Uncharted 3 bundled in. The GTA V bundle includes the game and 500GB HDD. I'd say this is a pretty good deal for those looking to get into PS3. Other stores like Best Buy have this bundle for $299. You're welcome future PS3 owners.


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That's an insane deal.

I just saw that earlier as I was browsing Amazon. It's a really nice deal.
If I didn't have a PS3, now would be the time to buy one.

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great deal for what you get in return.

i'll be tempted if i didn't have an 80GB PS3 already which i recently upgraded to 750GB!

Wow, cool! I'd buy a PS3 right now, but I really want to finish all my 360/Wii games before I come back. I also think Black Friday sales will be epic this year.

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would get it, if gta 5 come with it.. straight away :)

007BondAgent said:
would get it, if gta 5 come with it.. straight away :)

Yeah, I was a little confused. So the bundle is available right now and the game is a downloadable when it arrives?