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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Post your 3DS stats - Official Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS Thread


When will you be getting the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros?

Day 1 94 55.62%
In October 9 5.33%
Before the end of the year 10 5.92%
In 2015 2 1.18%
Never, I'm waiting for the Wii U version 52 30.77%

The launch is coming! Only left!

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Wii U



Villager Comes to Town!

Mega Man Joins the Battle!

Wii Fit Trainer Weighs In!

Developer Direct: Super Smash Bros.

Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Battle!

Rosalina & Luma Launch Into Battle!

Little Mac Punches In!

Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros.

Greninja Makes a Splash!

Mii Fighter Joins the Battle!

Palutena Alights!

Super Smash Bros. Invitational

Super Smash Bros. Roundtable

Pac-Man Hungers For Battle!

Lucina Wakes Her Blade?! Robin Brings the Thunder!

Shulk Foresees a Fight!

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I find the trailer just... EPIC!!!!!


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This trailer severely lacks Megaman :/

The official site is up.

EDIT: Bah. Tried to embed the trailer with Mega Man, with little success. Here it is.


To hell with a balanced roster, I hope the Metal Blade is every bit as overpowered as it deserves to be.

Still. The Villager from Animal Crossing? I get that the first part of the trailer was meant to mislead anyone silly enought to think that Nintendo wouldn't reveal Super Smash Brothers at this ND, but when Brawl debuted we got, what, Meta Knight, Pit, Samus-in-spandex, Wario and Solid Snake, if I remember correctly. I would've appreciated at least one other new challenger.

Regardless, looks bloody great. I'm a lot closer to buying a Wii U than I was half an hour ago.

Rhonin the wizard said:

The official site is up.

Thanks Rhonin!

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Super Smash Bros...... FTW