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Can you pre-order PS4 games now? I made a request for Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Battlefield 4 for PS4 on the pre-orders charts and someone said that you can't pre-order PS4 games yet, and that Battlefield 4 hasn't been confirmed for PS4/720 yet.

Is this true? If so, do you guys know when EBGames/GameStop/Best/Buy/ etc (European places too!) will start taking PS4 pre-orders? Do we have to wait until E3?

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No idea, probably cannot preorder all games until E3 or when Sony reveals release window to a month.

i dont know about games, but i know gamestop is tired of me calling every few weeks and checking for preorders for the ps4. they say they wont until a price is announced, im just making sure. you might be able to call a store and find out?


can pre order the ps4 and games in the uk

I can pre order some PS4 games on my online retailer here in Switzerland. The games are priced as 89 Swiss Francs. As comparison, PS3 games costed 100-to 110 francs at the beginning of the generation. The prices are listed as placeholders for their maximum value. This means that the shop will not charge more than 89 francs at release, which is a significant price drop.

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I was able to pre order Watch Dogs on the PS4.

Prob when the consoles is available for preorder or soon after that.