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Forums - Sony Discussion - EA absence from European PS4 developer list an error

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Battlefield and FIFA publisher says Sony will issue an updated and corrected document later today.

Yesterday, a Sony representative confirmed that the original list of 143 PlayStation 4 developers was issued in error. An updated document saw the number of European developers shrink from 53 to 30. As it turns out, this latest list is also incorrect.

FIFA and Mass Effect publisher Electronic Arts was named on the list as a partner for Japan and North America, but not Europe. Guildford-based Criterion Games (a wholly owned EA studio) was on the list, but if its inclusion was meant to represent EA as a whole, then why was EA-owned Swedish Battlefield developer DICE left off?

This was a mistake and a new list from Sony will be released today, EA said.

"The confusion in the release lists was an error; Sony will be correcting it today," Electronic Arts senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg told GameSpot today. "Watch their feeds for an update."

Sony has yet to issue the new list of PS4 developers and a company representative was not immediately available to comment. When the company does provide a new list of developers, this story will be updated with relevant information.



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Obviously they left it off on purpose, in order to make the list more appealing. Sony and their illusions.

Figured. Sony always had a prolific relationship with EA

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Goddamned, will the bad news for the PS4 never end?

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Yeah, EA & Sony have always appeared to be in it together.

Plus, BenV has seen Battlefield 4 running so I'm guessing it's pretty imminent; would be a much bigger surprise if it didn't show up on PS4 than actually having it revealed for the system.

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Only reason EA wasn't there was because Sony was showing off Killzone:Shadowfall and didn't want BF4 stealing any of it's thunder.

hahaha when will they ever get that list right?

I guess I missed this. Not sure why it is a big deal. Clearly EA wouldn't drop ps4 when it's their cash cow

Kerotan said:
I guess I missed this. Not sure why it is a big deal. Clearly EA wouldn't drop ps4 when it's their cash cow

I know why you missed this your account didnt exist yet

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