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>>>>>>Predictions end in April<<<<<<

[Database Thread]

Predict what you think Pokemon X/Y will have at the end of the year in Global Lifetime Sales!

There will be a point system so try to guess accurately as possible. Pls post here and check the main Database page that connects all the other threads.

Once Decided and posted i'll put your name up in the second post with your prediction. Make sure to use ##.##mil in it, So if you think 10,560,000 say 10.56mil.

Good luck to all

Predict away everybody

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↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓User's Prediction↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

15.00mil⇒ ★POE★
14.90mil⇒ ★RazorDragon
14.51mil⇒ ★Tbone51★(Wishful thinking)
13.89mil⇒ ★ktay95 ★
12.98mil⇒ ★ganondorf7799l ★
12.50mil⇒ ★DeXTeR_Sylar★
12.32mil⇒ ★007BondAgent
11.30mil⇒ ★DaAndy
11.13mil⇒ ★supermariodance ★
11.00mil⇒ ★FaintZ ★
11.00mil⇒ ★NobleTeam360★
10,765.325⇒ ★FedFed ★
10.72mil⇒ ★Maris ★
10.50mil ⇒ ★AstroGamer ★
9.86mil⇒ ★NinjaBlade360
9.50mil⇒ ★Nem ★
9.35mil⇒ ★kljesta64
9.10mil⇒ ★S.Peelman
8.98mil⇒ ★AlphaCielago★
8.89mil⇒ ★Conegamer ★
8.85mil⇒ ★forethought14
8.50mil⇒ ★aikohualda
8.50mil⇒ ★NintendoPie ★
7.85mil⇒ ★BlkPaladinl ★
7.50mil⇒ ★Ckoal ★
7.50mil⇒ ★Anfebious
7.42mil⇒ ★brendude13★

The hardest one - I have no Idea but it look slike 10 mil is easy so I will say 10,765.325


Just to let everybody kno,my prediction is way over but i believe this might break records imo!


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007BondAgent said:



12.98 million

11 million copies.

Dont be shy, Predict now people