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Forums - Sony Discussion - GOW Ascension MP Beta. First impressions

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i did play this beta for more than 3 hours and there are two MP modes.

4player on a arena (gladiator style) or
8player on 2 teams in a multi level and objectives oriented arena
both are very good and entertaining

there are lots of upgrades for weapons, armor, magic, special abilities, etc.

who else is playing it too, and are surprised on how good and fun it is?

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i am playing it and its awesome. Its very tactical and fast, very cool. I have some connection issues, but its a beta so i am ok with it. There is so much potential here that it kinda makes me want santa monica studio to never stop doing GOW games, but not really. Anyway, when two people meet one on one, its a duel to the death. Skill is the name of the game. Can't wait and see what else they add.

I'm absolutely loving it! It's my favourite multiplayer game this generation and it's still only in beta, this is what the industry needed and I think it's going to be huge thanks to the massive community of fans God of War has. Sure God of War didn't NEED multiplayer, but I'm fucking glad it does! Every God of War fan will love this and it will ensure that the game will stay in my PS3 for a very long time.

The only reason I'm not playing it now is because I've already played it for so long today my eyes have gone red, figured I should take a break from kicking ass and spilling intestines.

How do I find this beta? Excuse my ignorance

Is the beta up for Pal PS+ members?

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Serious_frusting said:
Is the beta up for Pal PS+ members?

can't wait for GOWA's release.


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:O I needa download this now!

My internet downloads have been capped!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!


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