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Forums - Sony Discussion - Dead or Alive 5 Plus - Just announced for PS-Vita (2013)

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At the end of IPL live-cast at IGN, the game director came on to announce it as a world exclusive news tidbit.

I already have the game on my PS3 so not sure that I would necessarily get the PS-Vita version... except that it might be a little less embarrassing to play with the hard to earn costumes on a handheld.

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Any idea if it will have cross-play functionality?

:D I think I've found the prefect fighting game for my vita


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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Panama said:
Any idea if it will have cross-play functionality?

Didn't give much detail. I expect more details will trickle out soon enough.

Perfect, I didn't wanna spend the money on the PS3 version.

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Seriously...portable fighting games are awesome and Vita is becoming the home to a really strong library of them. Now just need Tekken and maybe a KF and it would be perfect

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Augh. I've been holding out hope for DOA Paradise 2 for Vita. So close, yet so far...

And sold!


Seems they are abusing this a bit, Ngs1+ soon Ngs2+ and Dead or alive 5+

U have a link btw?


They should keep porting PS3 fighters onto the vita.. since it could run them almost on par with ps3.. and it can offer cross play against ps3 players.. cross play and near ps3 quality gameplay would be a huge selling point for PSv