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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New Bioshock Infinite trailer

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Hopefully this hasn't already been posted!

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Name of the song?

Player1x3 said:
Name of the song?

Nico Vega - Beast.

Glad to see Bioshock Infinite is largely unchanged with the Producer and 2 other developers leaving to join Microsoft.

I was worried about the title. But it looks as though the leg work was already done and now its fine tuning. Hopefully nothing drastic is changed between now and February.

Game looks great.

Looks awesome, too bad it release when I won't have time to game. :(

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This makes me want to go back and finish Bioshock.

Ouch @ 1:14!

This game will be beyond awsome! Can't wait! :3

Just glad it isn't dubstep.

Well they certainly know how to put together an effective trailer. And it goes to show how much of a difference music makes when used properly. I'm not into the game type so I'll be skipping it, though I'm definitely going to archive this trailer. Well done.