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So I wasn't able to secure a Wii U preorder because I lacked funding until the week after they went on sale. There are still pre orders available for the White Wii U but fuck that nonsense the Deluxe is a much better deal. The best I was able to do preorder wise is be put on a wait list at Gamestop but I doubt they'll have more preorders available before launch.

So my question is what are my chances of getting a Black Wii U on launch day in America by simply showing up at a store?

Some backstory: I found myself in a similar position 6 years ago with the Wii launch. I waited for my mom to pick me up and take me to Best Buy at 8 in the morning. There was a line of people most of which had preorderd. The only way to get one was to have a ticket. I obviously didn't have one but this lady had an extra one and was willing to sell it for $100 which meant I would pay over $350 for my console purchase that day. I barely had enough money for the Wii itself so I turned down her offer and walked away with my cutest sad kid face. As I was about to get in my mom's car the lady chased me down and gave me the ticket for free so I was able to get my Wii day one by the biggest stroke of luck ever.

Do you think that can happen again? My cute kid face is no longer effective as I'm 20 now. 

Anyway I'm going to try.

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Find a store that won't be doing preorders and camp it out early that day if midnight release, or early morning if opened normally.

That's what I had to do with the Wii.

Found a Best Buy that was going to have 120 Wii's but was taking no preorders.

Got in line 2 am, store opened at 8, got Wii #22 and got the last Classic Controller. :3

+200 people in line once I walked out the store.

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