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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I think it is time for some more Nintendo Wii select games.

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Hi guys,


I think it is time to release soem new Nintendo Wii select games.


First in Line should be:


Galaxy 2

Smash Brawl

Party 8

Metroid 3 in US

Mario Kart Wii

New Super Mario Bros and since it is red already it should be the only one with gold case

Kirby Epic Yarn

Donkey Kong Country return

Monster Hunter Tri


any idea?



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Realistically they will only be in nintendo selects if they have hit a brick wall sales wise so very unlikely that mariokart and nsmb will be considered just yet and monster hunter is capcom's so no chance. I would go for SKYWARD SWORD, GALAXY 2, DKCR, METROID OTHER M and SMASH BROS BRAWL.

They already released a few new Select-titles in Europe such as Rabbids Go Home and Red Steel. Those are the only ones i've seen so far, next to the first Select-titles.


It would be a horrible idea for metroid 3 just because we already had it shoved down our throats a second time.

I say do it to games that did nod sell as well to hopefully give them a boost and do not do it till mid fall.

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Hopefully they do SMG2 soon...

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I'd go with SMG2, LoZ:SS, SSBB, DKCR and Kirby:EY

M:oM sadly, has already been heavily discounted everywhere. I doubt there's any point of rereleasing this.

NSMB/Kart are still strong sellers and won't be discounted.

Other titles could be: Mario Party 8, Wii Party, Wii Music, Brain Age Academy, Endless Ocean: Blue World