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    Youtube star etika found dead RIP

    in General Discussion on 25 June 2019

    ArtofAngels said: 50k subs doesn't make you famous. He actually had 845k subscribers and over 140 million views on youtube, until he got himself banned late last year (, so he's definitely more well known then you think. Rest in Piece, Etika He was without a doubt my favorite Nintendo streamer. ...

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    NYT : "Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign"

    in Politics Discussion on 11 July 2017

    Superman4 said:  The intent was to find dirt on Hillary. The fact it was from a Russian lawer doesnt mean anything. WHat I find facinating is the fact that nobody on the left actually wants the truth, they just want to hang Trump because he won. Even if the Russians had a crap ton of dirt on the Clintons and released it all, the left would be all over it for all the wrong reasons....

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    NYT : "Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign"

    in Politics Discussion on 11 July 2017

    jason1637 said: Yeah the last time the NYT had an exclusive story on the Russian thing it turned out to be fake so I don't know if this is real or not. But he already admitted it is true. Just look to his tweets I posted on the end of the first page. How exactly can it be fake?...

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    NYT : "Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign"

    in Politics Discussion on 11 July 2017

    Trump Jr. just tweeted the emails himself: There is more on his twitter account.

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    NYT : "Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign"

    in Politics Discussion on 11 July 2017

    numberwang said: "Anonymous sources told us" - story is already being retracted as fake ...- tweet - Of course she would say it's not true, even if it were true. And even so, maybe you should actually look into what you're posting. Veselnitskaya said she did not know why Trump Jr. believed she was planning to offer damaging information about Clinton.   "It is quite...

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    Donald Trump vs CNN Twitter Fight.

    in Politics Discussion on 05 July 2017

    numberwang said: CNN is now threatening the 15 year old kid who made this parody video. [img][/img] He was NOT 15 years old, so maybe you should stop spreading lies yourself. As you can see in the image below, he was a teenager when...

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    SNES classic will be 100 in Europe, 20 more than in the US

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2017

    JRPGfan said: WTF Nintendo? why?   79$ USD = 69 euro's Why is it 31 euro (35$ usd) more expensive here? Why should we pay 35$ more? It's not, the 100 euros is a placeholder. I can easily find it for 74.99 euros here in Belgium , which includes tax, while the 79 USD price doesn't include...

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    SNES Classic confirmed, releases on 9/29 WITH STARFOX2!!??

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017

    Hiku said: It's not gonna look like that in Europpe I presume? I want the colorful round (Japanese) one. Hold up, Star Fox 2?Is this fake? This is the European one: Looks nicer imo....

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    Switch eShop charts (5/25/17)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2017

    IsawYoshi said: TheDarkBender said: I actually think every country in the EU has its own chart. I live in Belgium and the chart looks a bit different: Norway have always had separate charts from other countries in europe as well so I think this is correct. Can't quite understand why, but I suppose there's a point to it.   Why the reviews on the eshop (not sure if...

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    Switch eShop charts (5/25/17)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2017

    SuperNova said: Yes, every major region (NA/EU/JP) has their own charts. You can just make a new profile on Switch and tether it to another regions eshop and check them out that way. Also Mbolibombo posted the EU ones: Mbolibombo said: EU: (last two weeks) 1. Minecraft 2. MK8DX 3. Thumper 4. NBA Playgrounds 5. Snipperclipps 6. Kamiko 7. Shovel Knight 8. Zelda 9. Wonderboy 10....

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    New 2DS XL Dragon Quest Liquid Metal Slime Edition announced for Japan

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 April 2017

    Barkley said: I assume that slime isn't actually raised up like a bump, that's how it appears to me and that'd be weird! Actually... But it does look cool imo....

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    Why do MS have to force their stupid W10 updates?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 September 2016

    You can set active hours, in which Windows 10 won't automatically update, in your settings. Or, when there is an update, you can choose a moment when to install it, instead of Windows 10 choosing its own moment. You're still forced to update, but at east it won't update while you're in...

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    Pokemon Go latest updates (0.31.0)

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2016

    Ganoncrotch said: The removal of the footsteps and pokevision is pretty daft... I mean it just makes the whole experience less functional, where is the + to doing that? Thankfully I'm still grand with everything but that 70m radius is going to make one of the Gyms in my town inaccessible completely during the evenings because the gps location of it is actually just on the limit of 100m...

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    There is another officially licensed Live Action Nintendo Film...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2016

    XanderXT said: Really guys? A simple google search would have sufficed. Here:ōban_Zero I thought you meant the Hollywood movie that is being...

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    Nintendo have not made an operating profit overall this generation.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 July 2016

    etking said: bigtakilla said: We still got another year, and Pokemon Go looks like it could be the most profitable thing that might have ever happened to Nintendo. Basically this thread is a little premature. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself will barely see any profits from the game. Most profits go to Apple, Google, Niantic and the Pokemon company. Nintendo might not...

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    Nintendo E3 - No direct; only treehouse featuring Zelda

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2016

    AAA300 said: Aielyn said: OK, guys, seriously, you need to read things more carefully. Have a look - it says that Zelda will be the only "playable game". If they weren't going to talk about and show other games, it would say "only game", not "only playable game". Besides, do you honestly think they'd be able to fill the ~8 hours a day of Treehouse Live streaming with only Zelda?...

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    Emily Rogers Rumour: There's a lot of Wii U ports coming to NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 April 2016

    Miyamotoo said: Have on mind even Emily Rogers had some true informations (Paper Mario Color Splash), also had some that proved that are not true, I remember she said we are getting Octoling in one of past Splatoon updates. It wasn't Emily Rogers that said that, but NWPlayer123. He's a data-miner that tweets what he finds on his Twitter account....

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    The three box arts of Zelda Twilight Princess HD

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 December 2015

    The European one is a fanmade boxart though, as the logo is different than the other ones and it doesn't have the amiibo icon. If you go to, you can see that the european box-art is the same as the one in the US, only with a different rating icon....

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    Game Awards 2015 Nominees listed

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2015

    Bman54 said:Why is Zelda not nominated for Most Anticipated? Probably because we haven't seen anything from it this whole year, except for a few seconds yesterday. The other nominees all had trailers and such during E3 IIRC....

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    The Game Awards are Dec. 3rd. What to expect from Nintendo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 November 2015

    t3mporary_126 said: "The show — called, simply, the Game Awards — is now the closest thing the games business has to its own Oscars. The second Game Awards show will take place Dec. 3 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where Mr. Keighley is expecting about 4,000...

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