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Continuing our listings of the best Nintendo games of all time, we venture further back into gaming history to give you our rundown of the finest titles NES had to offer. Let the arguments commence!

Super Mario Bros 3

Pub: Nintendo

What more can we say about Mario Bros 3? It was so far ahead of anything else on NES that our distant predecessor Total! felt moved to give it 99%. (It would have got more, but for an ancient sacrosanct rule that forbids any magazine from giving a game 100%). Mario Bros 3 is platforming perfection. It was the game everyone else ripped off, and plays as well today as it did 20 years ago.


Pub: Nintendo

Nintendo did well to draw this much atmosphere from a cartridge boasting fewer kilobytes than a Word file listing decent episodes of Pan-Am.


Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse

Pub: Konami

Castlevania I was too simple, II too obtuse. But like so many third things, Castlevania III was just right. An adventure packed with variety and excitement.


Mega Man 3

Pub: Capcom

The original 8-bit Mega Men were tough but resolutely fair (unlike the WiiWare rehashes). They’re all of a muchness, so, um, here’s MM3.


Final Fantasy

Pub: Square

More a historical curio nowadays, but there’s no denying this RPG heavyweight’s early influence.


Bubble Bobble

Pub: Taito

Encase enemies in airtight bubbles, and then pop ’em with your dino spikes. ‘Cute’.


Pub: SNK

RPG. You awaken from your cryochamber into a post-apocalyptic world. It is 1997.


Pub: Nintendo

The American equivalent of Zelda 1 is a bit ‘dude!’, but it’s also a fair bit more fun.


Super Mario Bros

Pub: Nintendo

Basic and bodged together with memory restraints – yet it’s somehow incredible.


Pub: Kemco

Coffee kings Kemco brew up a classic text adventure. [That’s Kenco, you imbecile – Ed]

Metal Gear

Pub: Konami

The first true stealth game. Sneak into a compound without setting off too many exclamation marks.


Pub: Konami

Frantic shoot-’em-up. Its customisable powerup system distanced it from the competition.

Maniac Mansion

Pub: Jaleco

Point ’n’ click prototype. Hapless teens have a real bad time in a regulation spooky mansion.

Mike Tyson’s Punch out!!

Pub: Nintendo

Cartoon brawler where you KO boxers three times your size. Mario’s the ref.


Pub: Konami

Original run and gunner is surprisingly advanced for its time, but remains unsurprisingly brutal.

The Legend of Zelda

Pub: Nintendo

A green and beige dreamland perfectly ripe for Triforce- plundering.


Mighty Bombjack

Pub: Tecmo

Meet Jack, your trusty bomb defusal expert. He can jump nine times his height. Gosh.


Pub: Mindscape

‘No news is good news’, or so they say. So that’s why this street is trying to kill their paperboy.

Duck Tales

Pub: Capcom

Chirpy platformer where Scrooge rides his walking cane like it’s a pogo stick. Benefit fraud?

Super Mario Bros 2

Pub: Nintendo

This enjoyable adventure introduced us to Bob-Ombs, Toad and (shiver) Birdo.

Kid Icarus

Pub: Nintendo

Horribly tough (but compelling) platformer with a curious wraparound action area.

RC Pro-Am

Pub: Nintendo

Overhead racer was one of the first to feature weapons, and was a direct influence on Mario Kart.

Blades of Steel

Pub: Konami

Slick three-on-three ice hockey slap-off with fighting (of course!) and a cheeky Contra reference.

Solstice Quest For The Staff Of Demnos

Pub: Nintendo

Find the Staff Of Demnos to defeat the wizard in this isometric puzzler.

Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll

Pub: Nintendo

From the ‘before they were famous’ file: Rare’s isometric snake- ’em-up. Tricky!





Any thoughts? Agree/disagree?

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I have no idea why the format is awful (and I can't edit it), but I guess it's still readable.

OT: Haven't played many of those games myself, so it's hard for me to have an opinion on this. All I can say is that both number one and two are well deserved and that The Legend of Zelda seems to be a bit low :P


Edit: Suppose I can add that I think they should've added Ice Climbers, Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong, Top Gun and Duck Hunt. I can't be the only one =)

The list needs Dragon Quest/Warrior IV, I'm surprised it isn't included

The list is somewhat acceptable, they remembered little known gems like Crystalis but they forgot obvious ones like Battletoads and Blaster Master.

Signature goes here!

Tut Tut

No GunSmoke, Bionic Commando, Wrecking Crew, Duck Hunt, Hogans Alley, Double Dragon 2, Ninja Gaiden, Life Force, Pinbot, Captain Skyhawk, Chip N Dale, Bart VS The Space Mutants (not great I know but a personal fav), Batman or Super Spike V'Ball.

On the plus side its nice to see Blades of Steel and R.C. Pro-AM on the list

Oh and Metal Gear sucks, always has. People just like to pretend it was good because the PS1 reboot was so amazing.

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I've never played Startropics before and don't know if it should be that high.

Has anyone here played it and can they give me an honest opinion on it.

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RolStoppable said:
amp316 said:
I've never played Startropics before and don't know if it should be that high.

Has anyone here played it and can they give me an honest opinion on it.

Yes, I have. Got it on Virtual Console, because I always wanted to try it out and super_etecoon highly recommended it (maybe you remember that guy).

I have never finished it, I think I didn't even get halfway through. Since it is often compared to the original The Legend of Zelda, I will do just that as well. The controls aren't as precise as in Zelda and the boss fights aren't fair either, so it can be really frustrating. The structure of the game is different. Instead of one overworld with nine dungeons, the game is broken up into islands, each with their own caves of various lengths. You can't go back to a previous island once you've defeated a boss. The caves lack a map and compass; there are also surprise exits that make you leave the cave altogether, so you have to start over again. You don't get cool items like in Zelda either, at least not that I remember.

Anyway, the game doesn't come close to the quality of The Legend of Zelda. If you are looking for another game like the original Zelda, check out the TG-16 games Neutopia I and II, if you haven't already. Those games are worth their money. Just don't be shocked when the hero seems to be rather slow at first, both games have an upgrade that allows you to walk faster.

I miss super_ etecoon...

So it sounds like Startropics was ranked far too high.  Thanks for your detailed comments.

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Tag "Sorry man. Someone pissed in my Wheaties."

"There are like ten games a year that sell over a million units."  High Voltage CEO -  Eric Nofsinger