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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loses PS3/PC/Mac cross-play

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A lot can change in six months. As of last summer, Valve had planned to offer cross-play forCounter-Strike: Global Offensive on the PC, Mac, and PS3. But based on what it's learned from the beta, Valve has decided to strip the functionality in favor of offering constant updates for players on the PC and Mac.

"The beta has proved we want to update not just the beta, but the game itself post-launch frequently on the PC," Valve's Chet Faliszek revealed to Joystiq. "To do that we need to separate the platforms so one doesn't hamstring the other. So for that, we have removed the idea of cross-platform play -- essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them."

If you would like to get into the ongoing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta, fill outValve's survey. If you want cross-play back in the game, wait to sign one of the dozens of online petitions currently being created.

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PC players would have jst killed PS3 users in cross play because of Mouse

Ya good move on valves part, sorry but the worse thing you could do for PC gamers is put them next to those who play on consoles. Like it might work in "all friends" maps. 


I agree. PC gamers would annihilate me and I would have to start rage quitting every time I play. XD

I'm not sure how I feel about this...on one hand, it would be fun to finally do a proper mouse vs. analog controls competition but on the other hand having PS3 players on your team would probably be frustrating for the hardcore PC players.

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didn't you read the quote? The move has nothing to do with mouse vs gamepad (there was supposed to be matchmaking that would insure players wer matched by their capabilities regardless of platform) they cut it because the console manufacturers wouldn't let them release 200+ patches over 5 years like Valve do with their other multiplayer games. Maintaining cross platform play would mean that they would have to be kept identical which would have meant less patches for PC.


Hell the PC version will have gamepad support...

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