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Forums - Gaming Discussion - November Games vs Boxing Day (Or even Black Friday)

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This overall trend that has been happening for the last five years for certain franchises has made me question my gaming purchasing habits. This isn't exactly about waiting six months for price drop.

Assassin Creed franchise always launches in November and retails for $59.99
Boxing Day (December 26): Price is suddenly $29.99-39.99 and plenty of supply (so it isn't limited). 

I always buy Assassin Creed games day 1, but recently I got thinking why not wait 6 weeks, and just enjoy my own huge backlog of games. 

This applies to wide variety of franchises as well, from Call of Duty to Saints Row, and compared to previous years nearly all games that were considered in the fall are going for cheap reductions on this one day (which turns out to be a week). 

Now I don't want to compare this to a normal price cut or price reduction that happens over a period of time, but does anyone else feel that it is just better to wait until a specific date where you know for sure that the game is going drop like a rock. 

Add: Does the same thing happen on Black Friday, because that is within couple of weeks between a games launch and the end of November.


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spurgeonryan said:
I think a lot of people will wait until they know that a price drop is going to happen before buying a game. I know I do! But for bigger games I will buy them day one.

Ya but what if you know the price drop is coming in a few weeks. Like 100% sure, also this thread is a dud! :P

It sucks because I been playing Skyrim this whole time, with a mix of Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart, so me getting Assassin Creed on launch was some what a waste.