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I second that emotion. I hate fetch quests.

I also hate the recent NFS themes - ever since NFS Underground, you have to *prove* yourself to some wanna-bes to advance in the game. Most Wanted was the worst. I could see if your rep would just transfer from game to game, but no ... not NFS.

I am also not fond of the games where you can amass 1K body counts (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam). I killed 946 enemies in just one stage. Comeon - you know that regime's financial infrastructure would take serious damage.

And lastly, I hate seeing games repackaged year and year with few extras and even fewer changes (Madden Infinity, NFS)

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twesterm said:
Merlee's Mansion in Super Paper Mario (I didn't have a good way to weigh down the controller).

You don't have to, I forget exactly how (talking to a hidden NPC maybe) but there's a very easy way around that.

I have to agree with the CoD4 sniper mission.  There was also a mission in the original CoD where you were supposed to use a FLAK gun to shoot down planes but you're also attacked by infantry and you're teammates are morons and do nothing so you have to do both at the same time.  Trying to swing correctly in PGA 08 for the Wii was so frustrating I returned the rented game after a couple of hours (it may not be so hard but after Wii Golf I'm not wasting time with different golf controls).  It was extremely frustrating in the impact core of Metroid Prime with the regenerating Metroids attacking you as you jump from platform to platform. 

Pretty much all of Super Mario Sunshine after 40 or so shines.  The flying boss guy in FFIII, I didn't want to change any of my party to a Dragoon (I sold all the Dragoon items I found) and after spending 3 hours of getting beat down by that guy, levelling up, geting beat down again, levelling up,... I gave up on FFIII.  Oh and the long non-skipable cut scene I had to watch prior to each fight with the flying boss guy didn't help.  In general I don't like fetch quests either unless they are done well.  It was not done well in Metroid Prime 2 so I'll add that game to the list.

PS1 reads Lunar 2 only on every 20th try
Banjo Tooie & DK64 Collectathon :(
the timeframe i needed to get over the 360 noise-turbine
so many gamedesign decisions in FF12
some of the earlier Nintendo game endings,way too short imo
Conkers Bad Fur Day Remake=pure disappointment Motion sickness throughout Mario64 & Goldeneye

Quality for Life

Oh ... I forget this one.

In SOCOM I, there's a misison where you have to disable a suitcase nuke in a cave. No joke, I kept getting killed and knew I had cleared the cave out before I disarmed the nuke. However, once I stayed behind and watched an enemy respawn at the mouth of the entrance. Popped him a few times, but it was just random. I also hate games with tons of weapons you can't use. Correct me if I am wrong, but if you are a SEAL, or commando, shouldn't you be able to pretty much use ANY firearm?!

Ever tried to push that soldier off of you on CoD3 for Wii? If you have I need say no more.

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I forgot the best!!
Exactly in the second i had beaten the last boss of Banjo Kazooie...Blackout ...EVERY fu... save was lost,and i had to play the whole game all over again to watch the ending.

Quality for Life

The "Control" Stage in Goldeneye :D

Ummm recent notes though!

Heavenly Sword: Countering those friggin purple ninja bastards >< why is the timing so hard!!!

Ratchet and Clank Future: STUPID FRIGGIN SPAWN POINTS, making me backtrack to the 2#%@#$@# beginning of the stage every time I goof ><

Uncharted Drakes Fortune: Second Wave runner section (probably the best looking scene I've ever witnessed in video game history BUT) they gave you a pistol this time around instead of grenade launcher >< Trying to aim while bouncing on a river, while avoiding explosive barrels was not the greatest idea from Naughty dog suffice to say.

Bioshock: We all love the pluming game and all, but man talk about a mini-game that wears it's novelty thin >< I started to ignore/blow up possible defences to avoid playing that game >< Also not having the plasmid bar thingy refill kind irked me, I'm the type that likes to go hog wild with my plasmids and right around the time I got telekinesis I spent all my reserves and had to wander around looking for people so I could get money to buy refills x.x I also LOATHED the fact that your feet would randomly kick things around >_> friggin anoying in surround, spooky sense of people around you the first few times, then it just gets annoying XD

Resistance Fall of Man: How DARE you make so many awesome weapons and not give me enough ammo to have my way with them ;-; I adore the hailstorm and I thought it was an absolute blast to use, certainly not a weapon I'd deam lowly enough to consider "use in moderation", same with the auger, far eye, dragon, Laark, air fuel etc etc etc... so much fun, just overwelmingly powerfull :(

Warhawk: Unfair complaint cuz I love it when I get them ;) BUT MINE KILLS!!! I HATE getting offed by mines XD I'm usually carefull about where they might be, but when some asshat puts it in the middle of nowhere and you don't expect it XD ARG

Halo 3: Ripping the turrets off the mounts and self wielding them, I LOVE how much damage they do, but MAN did they have to make it sound so bad >< it's honestly one of the worst sounding weapons in the game :( so underwhelming to fire, it's not a major complaint, but in a genre that spends 90% of it's time firing a weapon, I BETTER FEEL EMPOWERED

Which brings me to my  next >_>

UNREAL 3 Great game, good graphics (not best by any means), fun playmodes, hoverboards are awesome, but man compared to the rest of the game, the audio quality was just horridly flawed ><, going from games like Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, and Ratchet with beautifully mastered audio, the audio in UT3 just seemed muddled and sloppy :/ You could almost tell they had the game already compressed for DVD size. >< Kind of a shame. 

So many more :D but for another time! 

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.

Original Zelda. No direction, if you miss things in the dungeons, you are right effed up later. I've died 42 times and I'm only on the 4th dungeon :P

Luigi's Purple Coins in Super Mario Galaxy

The Flood Level on Halo 3 (until I started killing those wall hugging creatures before they evolved)

Online Street Fighter II Turbo- If the guy you are matched up against is from Japan, RUN!!

Dead Rising -Brain Dead AI on people you're trying to rescue

Advance Wars DS- Often, I touch the screen in the wrong spot, and start a chain of events that cost me an easy victory.

That pretty much sums up 2007.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

Any "escort" mission. They pretty much suck.