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Forums - General Discussion - What's your favorite type of meat?

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Favorite Type of Animal Meat?

Chicken 4 33.33%
Beef 2 16.67%
Pork 2 16.67%
Duck 0 0%
Goat 0 0%
Lamb 2 16.67%
Panda 2 16.67%

Get your mind out the gutter. I'm talking about food. What animal meat tastes the best and how do you like it prepared?


I love oxtail which is beef I guess.



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Chicken. I don't eat any other meat unless it's a bird.


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I enjoy duck. } would like to get some pheasant or quail.
Finally my favorite piece would be a nice chunk of steak!

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Steak for sure (beef). I love me some good barbecued cow meat. Sirloin and Tenderloin are tops, but I also like T-bone and striploin. Rare-Medium Rare for sure.

Of course I like chicken, tuna (I mean fresh tuna steaks, not the canned shit), bacon, lamb, etc. but steak tops the list.

Chicken its the meat I eat the most also.

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Shrimp, Lobster Tails AND Snow Crabs

so i guess seafood..