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Surfing ebay i have come across this:

It is really cheap to make a Wii game system now or this is really crap and it is not working at all like Wii?


Any thoughts?




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Sorry to say, but that is totally crap!
Produced by one of these companies who want to make some money out of a big (selling) name.

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lol there was a knock off PS3 selling for under a hundred dollars when PS3 launched. These knock offs are simply supposed to look just enough like the real deal for dumb ass cheap parents and grand parents to buy it for there kids. In fact I think a five year old looking at this thing would no better then to buy it.

Though it would be interesting to see what kind of product it is, if it is even worth the price on Ebay! Here's some more info on Wiii 3.


There you go I'm going to try and dig up more later. Interesting knock off~!


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are you serious?

I'm not really here!

Looks interesting. I cannot wait for them to go on sale at my local Swap meet. I wonder how many of these that they actually will sell? The problem is a lot of kids will eventually figure out that their parents duped them with this thing.

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You get 2 cartridges with 87 games on it!!! I remember when my friend had a penguin looking system that knocked off a lot of 8-bit games such as Dr. Mario, Adventure Island, etc..