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Forums - Sales Discussion - September NPD: X360 #1 438k, PS3 374k, Wii 240k, 3DS 260k, DS 145k


Will the NDS pass 50 million?

Yes! 65 61.32%
No 10 9.43%
I'm on the fence 12 11.32%
See Results 18 16.98%

Data will be out Thursday 13th around 6PM EST, 11PM GMT

Points of Interest:

Will the NDS finally pass 50 million units in the U.S this month?

The DS sits at just 177,000 units from 50,000,000 total, VGC and Pachter both agree it'll pass the massive milestone, with the 3DS cut taking a massive hold however, maybe DS will fall just a tiny bit short?

How have the PS3 and 3DS cuts fared this month in your opinion?

Good? Bad?

Gears of War 3!

VGChartz NPD Preview
Pachter Predicts

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interesting results. i think DS can. doesn't seem like much with more then 70k sold each wk it should be easy.

I think it will be able to.

I have no idea how this months NPD will look.

I have a problem believeing the PS3 price cut was so ineffective so I wouldnt be surprised to see higher numbers for PS3 and lower for 360.

But if it is as VGC has it or better for 360 then MS will be very very pleased with how the rest of the year in the US should pan out.

The 3DS price cut has been ok (nothing more), but they must be losing a shit load of cash at the moment over at Nintendo.

To be honest on the DS passing 50m... I dont really care.

I'm not really here!

Just about I reckon.

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Around 9 hours until info starts coming



I hope the 3DS is #1 for the month.

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Tagging. Info should come at midnight GMT.

It will be interesting to see if ms says yet again they expect to be #1 worldwide