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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which one of the WRPGS do you like more? Fallout 3 or Oblivion?

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Fallout 3 or Elder Scrolls 4?

Fallout 3 31 36.90%
Elder Scrolls 4 35 41.67%
LOL I hate teh RPGS!!1 3 3.57%
See the results 15 17.86%

What do you think? Which was the better game and RPG?

In my opinion, fallout 3 was the better game. They are somewhat similar in gameplay but the background of fallout is much more interesting in my opinion.

I still have to complete oblivion though. So my mind may change after a while.

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I really really loved Oblivion. I really did not like Fallout 3 (even though I finished it). Guess I just like the setting better. *shrug*

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Both gave me similar satisfaction, but Fallout 3 became depressing after long playthroughs

I think Fallout 3 was a much better game.

I liked TES series far more than Fallout. I don't feel like writing a whole lot right now though.

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Fallout 3, has more soul.



post apocalypse looks like shit because it is, and fantasy is cooler

I prefer Fallout 3. But thats not really saying much because I really hate Oblivion.

Fallout was so much fun when i first played 3. Its probably my favorite 360 game. Though skyrim does look cool.

i'll go for oblivion because i am a fantasy man really,although its unfair as i barely started fallout,oblivion was still fresh in my mind and i wanted a change of gameplay

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