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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats Your Favourite Wii Series Game?

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Whats Yours?

Wii Sports 5 15.15%
Wii Play 0 0%
Wii Fit 2 6.06%
Wii Music 2 6.06%
Wii Sports Resort 18 54.55%
Wii Fit Plus 2 6.06%
Wii Party 2 6.06%
Wii Play Motion 2 6.06%

What games in this super selling franchise do you like the best?

Mine is Wii Sports Resort

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Wii Sports Resort was meh.
That's my pick

None, they're all just awful.


Wii Music. No joke.

Sports Champions.

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Sports/Resorts Fit is useless to me, Party was ok Play and Music were bad

Hmm which one is the least awful..

I say Wii Sports Resort.

Not really which one is the favorite but which one I guess I more likely to play, which would be Wii Sports Resort mainly because the wife actually enjoys playing the swordplay game

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you forgot Wii Chess




anyway, mine is Wii Sports Resort

For game enjoyment, it's between Party and one of the Sport's; although I also enjoyed Play and will try Play Motion next week. But for now, I guess I'll go with Sport Resort. And from the Wii's in general, the Wii Fit channel is the one that's used the most; the balance board is the house favourite scale :)

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