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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predict Just Dance 3: best selling platform

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Which platform will it sell the most?

Wii 52 72.22%
Xbox 360 6 8.33%
PS3 5 6.94%
See results plox 9 12.50%

Just Dance 3 will be appearing on PS3 and Xbox360 along with the usual Wii. Which will sell the best?

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Slow season.

PS3 ;)

Yup, reported him.

^Then the provocation succeeded in both ways... hee hee.


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PS3 most definitely. Once it hits $199, there will be tens of millions of new casuals to pick this game up. It will probably outsell both the 360 & Wii versions combined. It may even double their sales.

wii most likely

I cant see how anyone could say anything other than Wii and be serious. It'll bomb on PS3, might do ok on 360. Thats like asking what system will MW3 sell the best on??

It will obviously sell way more on the Wii. JD3 will probably sell at least twice as much on the Wii as the 360 and PS3 put together.

Just look at Michael Jackson: the experience for proof.

Xen said:
Yup, reported him.

You reported yourself? 0_o