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I usually don't make a thread unless I really got something say, I leave that to the guys that has more intellegence, creativeness, etc, than me.

Now that I finally aquire a wireless router and a breather (God, I've been waiting for so long) to play my games, today for the first time in my life, I experience online gaming on my Wii! Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party. But it's better than never.

First game I chugged in my console was Mario Kart, ofcourse. Went on for regional matches, choose my personal driver (Mario, who do you think) and my favourite kart (Wild Wing) and bloody hell did I giggle like little girl (yes, the tone did not come out like a man) through the the entire experience. At first I thought I would get my arse handed to me, 'cause it's been quite a while that I played my Wii, but I was still holding out on my own. I was just playing for fun (trying not to hit the guys that's far behind) in the few early matches until I found some pretty rad drivers with awesome racing skills. Few of them was named MR. MANGO, Papawhiily, OwnedByMe (I sure owned him in one match). But one that surprised me was a player called jake, he was so good that I started to get a little more competitive, then I started wondering that I could be playing one of you guys, that's when I felt like I had to make this thread. But all in all, I had quite bloody blast! Now I really feel like I'm one step closer to be on the same league like you guys! :D

Next up will be GoldenEye 007 and I know for sure I'll be prone to get headshotted! ROFL

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So.. it was quickly over.. but you were satisfied? >_>


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

My first online experience was terrible. She turned out to be underage and now I have to register on this special list everywhere I go.

nightsurge said:
My first online experience was terrible. She turned out to be underage and now I have to register on this special list everywhere I go.

Yeah... I'm still sorry for that cause you did ask:


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Nice your thread has kind of made me want to play MK online again soon. Smash was a little disappointing to me consider there is a little lag and I can't have lag while playing Smash. Battalion Wars 2 was a little fun online but that was at least a year or two ago and I am sure there are probably only a select few still playing that online right now. Monster Hunter 3 will probably be a game I play the most online on the Wii. If you don't have Monster Hunter 3 then I would suggest you to get it. The offline and online modes are a blast in that game.

I have played World at War and Black Ops a lot online on the Wii also. Black Ops in my opinion is a better online experience than Goldeneye (easier to add allies/random good people, supports mic, has a little more options, etc..) However, I was having problems with host freezing and frame rate issues. They have fixed most of the freezing and the host frame-rate issues aren't game breaking but it does make me want to not be host sometimes. I prefer the way the Wiimote+nunchuck handle more on BO than Goldeneye.

I also played a lot of Animal Crossing online when it first came out. After about a year of playing and pretty much unlocking almost all the items, buying all the upgrades for the 4 houses, collecting almost all the bugs and fish, etc... I kind of stopped playing it which happens to me for all the Animal Crossing games.

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MH3 is awesome online, I love it. It's forced me to brush up on my French and German skills as well, which is a bonus.

Yeah Mario Kart Wii online is amazing.
I've played the shit out of that game.
Got to 9999 AGAIN on sunday.
My best online experience by far.

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I knew this game sold like hotcakes, but I'm shocked to see their's still so many people playing this game, even around world, I actually played with someone from Africa, it was insane (yeah, I feel like a noob. lol)
I wanted to just have a quick session, but before I knew it, I played 'till 2 in the morning non-stop!

Well, after I finally refrain myself from playing any further, I checked out the Wii Shop Channel and I finally found out why, with my own two eyes, that I can't download anything from their, 'cause the service isn't available in the region I'm in. I was pissed, such a happy day ended with frustration, no wonder why all my friends decided to mod their Wii. Oh well, atleast I can finally play online...
... crap I forgot to test out GoldenEye, I guess I can leave that another time. :D

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My first online game was Mario Kart, too! DS version, though. Some of us have been spoiled by some of the bells and whistles of other online networks but nothing beats the pure joy of pure competition.

I've been thinking. I've been a huge endorser of Xbox Live over the years. Lately, I'm starting to think that just having someone to play with/against is enough. Anyway, this isn't about me. Glad you had a great time! Post your friend code. Maybe I'll play you someday.

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glad you had a good time. There are a few other wii games with good online like monster hunter so youve got a few gems.