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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Vgchartz ranking game--Crysis 2!

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Update: I have decided to give 800 MS points or a $10 PSN card (sorry Wii only users, I don't know how to get you guys anything) every 3 months to the person who I feel has consistantly had the best reviews in my threads. Hopefully this will inspire even more great reviews in these threads. Your reviews start to count on April 29th 2011 so the person with the best reviews will win at the end of July.



All you have to do is put what score you think the game below deserves, and write a brief explanation as to why it deserves that score.

Voting is open for 3 days, after the 3 day period I will count up all the scores and get the average of the game.  I will be putting up a new thread with a new game every 3 days



1. You had to have played at least enough of the game to form an honest opinion about it

(playing it for 5 minutes is NOT enough time, nor is watching a friend play the game)

2. If you score a game 5 or under, you have to go into great detail as to why you gave it such a low score.

3. A game must have at least 15 people that gave it a score to be counted.

4. If you score a game more than once none of your scores will count

5. Users with less than 50 posts cannot score a game.


Last game was Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a score of 9.41

Highest was 10, lowest was 8


Vgchartz score -- 8.04

GamrReview score -- 9.2

Highest score was 9.2, lowest was 5

My score: 8.6

Pros: At it's best it has amazing graphics, enganging single player, pretty fun multiplayer, fun upgrades.

Cons: Framerate stutters once in a while, graphics can look bland, pretty average single player story, glitchy online.



Vgchartz top 12 rated games--work in progress


Next game is LittleBigPlanet 2


To view a list of all games from every game ranking thread click here.
Thanks to Blacksaber for the kick ass logos, and thanks to trasharmdsister12 for all the help on score counting!

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I gave this game a 7.6 because it has a lot of bugs and the enemy AI is horribly stupid. Eventually, I learned you did not need to fight a lot and could just skip through sections by cloaking. Also the ending had a huge glitch that would not allow me to beat the final section. Only after loading the game four months later the game worked and I was able to beat it. I'll just say I was very dissapointed.


Very nice game for multiplayer, but does what most other shooters tend to fail at and that's having a long story.


Where have these threads been john?

OT: Never played it.

8.5 Would have been higher but the AI just sucked. Had it been good (or just adequate) it would have been a really awesome game. I look forward to playing crysis 1 and the farcry series. I played the pc version if that matters.

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trasharmdsister12 said:

Crysis 2: 7.5 - Perhaps it's just my love for the first game that skews my opinion but Crysis 2 has nothing in common with its predecessor besides its title and a couple of characters.

Shoot trashy you must need that money from yo_john badly to continue to write such well thought out reviews for him.

trasharmdsister12 said:
chocoloco said:

Shoot trashy you must need that money from yo_john badly to continue to write such well thought out reviews for him.

Well yo_john gave me a taste of the good stuff and now I gotta keep coming back to him for more. Sometimes he sends me out on certain... errands... for him and its the only way I can get to the stuff so I gots no choice.

I just hope he doesn't bring you low enough your giving him sexual favors. Going down might be tempting, but sometimes going too low is treally too low.

Haven't had the chance to play this yet since it only came out in March




- Ran like absolute garbage, it's a AAA title with the budget and team to pull off something that at least performs decently, but instead it ran like Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. I've gone through this whole generation without a game crashing on me (except for once in Fallout 3) and then Crysis 2 crashes on me twice within the first few hours. Crytek needs to hire some console developers and get them working on optimization, a big linear title like Crysis 2 should run as smooth as butter. If Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, Bulletstorm and Dead Space 2 can look as good as they do and still play without a hitch, then I expect the same from Crysis 2.

List of tech issues:


Serious pop in issues.

Frame-rate dropped drastically during intense moments.

Enemies would constantly get stuck in the geometry.

I had the game crash on me twice, both of them caused me to turn off my 360 and restart the mission.

- Upgrade system was a little confusing.

- Enemies became repetitive after a while and the throwing mechanic could use some work.

- Probably the dumbest AI in a big shooter, coming off Killzone 3 and Halo: Reach made it look much worse.

- Check pointing was really bad, I'd have sections where the checkpoints were 30 minutes apart (bridge level).


- Gameplay was tight and fun, makes you feel like a powerhouse.

- Environments were open and easy to manoeuvre through.

- The plot wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

- Despite it's long list of technical issues, it looked great at times, the indoor environments were a treat and the particle effects were some of the best that I've ever seen.

Overall I enjoyed Crysis 2 during some parts and the gameplay was it's driving factor, but it had so many issues that I couldn't overlook and I was disappointed that I was playing a gem covered in shit. The best example I could give is that Crysis 2 felt like Bayonetta on the PS3 without a patch, the gameplay was fantastic and it had all these other cool moments, but it was constantly interrupted by poor console optimization.

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