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One of the best games of last gen and one of the very few great Zelda-esque games that are not Zelda is now on Xbox Live!

The game has seen a HD upgrade and is for sale for (only)  800 MS Points! Buy it now if you've never played it. All (396) people that bought it the first time around are downloading already...

And buying this will increase the possibility we'll ever see BG&E2...

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YES SIR!!  Downloading as we speak.

--pet peeve of mine:  I've had 300msp for about a month, now.  It's never enough to buy anything I want!  If I want to buy something, it always costs 400msp or 800msp.  When I add points, I can only add 400msp (which is the price of the item, leaving me with that 300msp) which is just shy of enough to buy an 800msp item or I add 800msp (which is the price of the item, leaving me with that 300msp).  It's driving me crazy!!

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awesome, ill get my friend to get it so I can beat it.

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already did and played.....

I didnt like the protaganist and thought it was kind of boring O_o

graphics where good thou

Just played for half an hour and WOW! Its's even better than I remembered! The humour is fantastic (Mamago). And the Dutch voices from the original are in! I usually don't like Dutch VO, but this game has high quality ones.

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Everyone buy this game so they will finish making Beyond Good & Evil 2! 

I'm considering buying it just to support people who want BG&E2. Right now I have a unfinished PS2 copy I wish I could get $10 for so I could get a even swap.

It's just that simple.

I dunno whether to get this or Torchlight. I want them both, but I really would like to cut my spending this month.

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The name of this game always sounded like a porno to me, but then again, I have a dirty mind.. haha

Gonna buy it now. I've had this game for the Xbox, but never had a chance to play it much. Now in HD, gonna be nice. Her waist is gonna be extra sexy


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