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Credit for topic idea goes to Erik Aston, wherever he is.

This is a list of the 50 best-selling games of the generation, counting only SKUs released on seventh gen hardware - namely the Nintendo DS, the PSP, the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, and the Wii. Multiplat sales are combined, but sales from Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, or GBA versions are not included wherever that might come up. I have not included versions that differentiate themselves to a very high degree, such as the All-Play games on Wii.

Sales are current with VGChartz Worldwide data as of the week ending September 25th, 2010. Topic will be updated periodically, probably about once a quarter to give the list time to shift around a bit.

Since Erik Aston made his verison of the list, sales have been pretty nuts: most notably, the baseline for making it into the top 50 is now well over 5 million sales, knocking many former placeholders out of the list. Craziness.

To begin:

The Top 10


1. Wii Sports - 65.34 million sold

Wii Sports stays on top, moving a respectable 2.26 million units since June. No surprises: this damn game isn't going anywhere.

June Writeup: This game being here should surprise exactly no one. It's the single most influential piece of video game software this generation, partially or largely responsible for the success of the Wii, and often credited with opening up a whole new breed of gamers to interacting with the medium. It's sold over ten million since this list's progenitor, and at this point nobody's really surprised anymore.

2. Wii Play - 27.79 million sold

No big surprises here, but sales for this game seem to have finally died off. It was previously unimaginable, but it could end up being outsold in the next year or two.

June Writeup: In a way, this is the little game that could - universally panned by critics and often derided by core gamers, Wii Play has managed to claw its way into an unshaking number 2 spot through accessibility, ease of use, and being a nice deal for ten bucks. It's unclear if any other game will be able to shake it from this position in the foreseeable future.

3. Nintendogs - 23.88 million sold

Nintendogs remains a behemoth, quietly selling 170,000 units since June. It will be interesting to see how it does in the coming holiday season.

June Writeup: I'll admit it: if you had told me that a dog simulator would be in the top three best-selling games of the entire generation and probably stay there, I would have thought you were insane. Yet Nintendogs has done just that, appealing to a lot of people who can't have dogs and apparently a lot who can. In a way this game is the poster child of all the new gamers who had never played before.

4. Mario Kart Wii - 23.00 million sold

The impossible has happened, ladies and gentlemen! In selling 680,000 units since June, Mario Kart Wii has surpassed Wii Fit! Land alive, I wasn't entirely sure that would happen. 25 million is a certainty, now. How far can Mario and the gang go?

June Writeup: Since the original list was made, this game has sold nearly five million additional copies, which is close to enough to have gotten it into this list all over again. Sales are slowing down, but it's not clear where it will stop - 25 million seems like it should be in the bag, but can it go higher?

5. New Super Mario Bros. - 22.64 million sold

Another one! This game, which had previously been knocked out of the top 5 by Mario Kart Wii, has now passed up Wii Fit to reclaim its spot. Having sold well over half a million units since June and still selling 50,000 units this very week, this game seems to have no end to its legs. It's questionable if anything will be able to knock it out of the top five again. New Super Mario Bros. Wii may never catch up at all!

June Writeup: It took forever for the game to get knocked out of the top five, but as it continues to show respectable sales it's unlikely that it will be knocked out of the top ten. This is the highest-selling Mario platformer since the original Super Mario Bros., and it does not look ready to give up that crown for a long time. New Super Mario Bros. Wii has its work cut out for it.

6. Wii Fit - 22.61 million sold

All right, guys, Wii Fit is finally dead in the water. Selling 50,000 units in the last three months, it's extremely unlikely that this game will ever pass up 23 million sold. Will it ever fall out of the top ten? Not likely, but if Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. Wii show holiday legs, it may be knocked down a couple of spots more.

June Writeup: This game has managed to hold onto its spot more or less since it released, though now that its sales have finally slowed to a stop we can expect it to begin to drop soon. Mario Kart Wii will pass it up before the summer's out, and from there there's a chance that it will be passed up by several more games.

7.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 20.25 million sold

11.62 million 360, 8.63 million PS3

Turns out that reaching 20 million didn't take long at all. Still the fastest-selling combined SKUs of all time, and will likely remain that way through the end of its first year. It's not clear if this game will ever be unseated in the one-year window. It will be interesting to see what kind of legs the game has after Black Ops releases.

June Writeup: With combined SKUs, this is the fastest-selling game of all time. For a while it was doubtful whether or not any game would break Nintendo's stranglehold on the top 10: this game did it in less than eight months, and looks to stay for quite a while. One has to wonder how long it will take to reach 20 million and climb ever higher...

8. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day - 19.32 million sold

190,000 copies sold since June. Not too shabby at all for a title that's as old as the Touch Generation itself. Sales have become very modest in any given week, but the game shows no signs of stopping and it will almost definitely break 20 million by the end of 2011, barring the 3DS killing it off.

June Writeup: Good grief. This game has sold another million units since November, and may end up breaking 20 million before it's finally over and done with. This was the first game of the Touch Generation, and set the tone for Nintendo's return to software dominance. It's not clear if this will end up as its own franchise, but if sales mean anything then it probably should.

9.  Mario Kart DS - 18.51 million sold

Over 400k units sold since June, this game has actually picked up a lot of steam recently. Its continued future in the top ten is anything but clear, with Mario Kart 3DS likely to steal the wind from its sails, but that says more about how insane sales are this gen than it does about this game. Interesting point of fact: if this game had sold last generation, it would have been the best-selling single SKU, edging out the PS2 version of San Andreas by about 50k copies.

June Writeup: The second best-selling racing game of all time after its successor, it continues to sell a respectable amount of copies to this day. For a while the idea of it being pushed out of the top 10 would have seem ludicrous, but Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. Wii may push it out within a year.

10. Wii Sports Resort - 17.90 million sold

2.06 million sold since June. If Wii sales in the West are anywhere close to what they were last year, this game will crack 20 million before we ring in the New Year. It will continue to sell until it's either replaced as a bundle or the next Nintendo system comes out. There's no end in sight for this game.

June Writeup: This game has been climbing the charts steadily since its debut and will be in the top ten within the year. It sold fantastically as a standalone SKU, but now that it's been bundled with the Wii hardware the sky is the limit, and there's no telling how high it will climb.

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11. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - 17.58 million sold

Bet you didn't think it would fall out of the top ten that fast - but here we are. Diamond and Pearl has finally slowed down, selling a still-very-respectable 90k since June, and is likely on its last legs. Most of its weekly sales have been picked up by Heart Gold and Soul Silver, which continues to sell frightening numbers every week. And for the record: Black and White's opening in Japan blew Diamond and Pearl's away. There's no real indication of whether or not that will translate into sustained lifetime sales, but we'll find out in the next year or so.

June Writeup: Diamond and Pearl are holding onto their top 10 spot by a comfortable margin of 2 million or so units, but that's not as big as it sounds when you consider tha its nearest competitor is selling over a hundred thousand units a week. Diamond and Pearl showed that the Pokemon franchise was still going strong, but it remains to be seen if Black and White will even begin to approximate its sale numbers.

12. New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 15.85 million sold

This game continues to climb, selling over 60k units this week and averaging 300k per month since June. Traditionally Mario platformers have considerable boosts during the holidays, but will it be enough to propel this game into the top ten? Well, probably not. But it will be a lot closer.

June Writeup: The fastest-selling single SKU piece of video game software of all time, it reached 10 million faster than any other SKU and will likely break 20 million at the same blistering rate. Whether or not it will outsell its predecessor is up in the air, but the game has been screaming up the list since it was released and won't stop until it's embedded deep in the top ten. Mario's back.

13. Brain Age 2 - 14.90 million sold

Not much to report for Brain Age 2, sorry to say. By the end of this holiday it should pass up 15 million units sold and then quietly settle into a much lower-selling routine.

June Writeup: The sequel to Brain Age didn't sell as well as the first one and will likely die off sooner, but if the worst thing you can say about a game is that it "only" managed to sell 15 million units then that game is doing pretty well for itself.

14. Grand Theft Auto IV - 14.76 million sold

7.98 Xbox 360, 6.78 PS3

GTAIV continues to sell briskly, showing that Red Dead Redemption isn't entirely sating people's needs for a sandbox game.

June Writeup: Once hailed as the game of the generation, its sales supported this claim for a long time. It's fallen out of the top ten since its release, but it holds doggedly onto its place in the top 20 and continues to sell to this day, passing up Modern Warfare since the last revision of this list. Grand Theft Auto may no longer be the poster child of the core gamer movement, but it's still an almost elemental force to be reckoned with.

15. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 14.63 million sold

8.44 million Xbox 360, 5.36 million PS3, 0.83 million DS

Possibly the biggest surprise for this update is that the original Modern Warfare continues to sell very well, moving over 200k since June. This suggests that World at War and Modern Warfare 2 were not entirely able to cut out its legs, though I don't know if that's because of its multiplayer community or not.

June Writeup: This is the game that broke the image of core gamers in the industry, bringing first person shooters to the forefront of consoles in a way that no other shooter franchise had ever done - up to and including Halo. It was passed up by Grand Theft Auto in the past few months but it continues to sell a few copies here and there, and most likely won't fall out of the top 20 before the end of the generation.

16. Wii Fit Plus - 13.76 million sold

While Wii Fit Plus has yet to climb a place since the last version of this list (and most likely won't, with Black Ops releasing in a few weeks), the game continues to sell on pace with the original and should pass up Modern Warfare within the next few months.

June Writeup: The sequel to the best-selling fitness game has set a blistering pace for itself, continuing to sell very well after a year of release. Its chances of outselling its predecessor seem very low, but it's really hard to tell with games like this one. It should continue to climb the list, in either case.

17. Call of Duty: World at War - 12.92 million sold

6.49 Xbox 360, 4.20 PS3, 1.56 Wii, 0.67 DS

Like its older brother Modern Warfare, World at War continues to show very respectable legs. 14 million units lifetime is definitely not out of the question, here.

June Writeup: Sort of the least-influential of the Call of Duty games in the post-Modern Warfare era, the fact that it still broke over 12 million copies while being set during World War 2 is a testament to the power of the brand and the appeal of the game's mechanics.

18. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - 12.47 million sold

7.64 Wii, 4.83 DS

Mario & Sonic seem to finally be slowing down after a very solid run, having sold roughly 80 thousand units since June. We can probably expect one more solid holiday boost out of this game, but sales seem to have shifted toward the Winter Olympics, now.

June Writeup: Oh man, do you guys remember when we laughed about SEGA predicting this game would sell four million combined? I remember. Don't pretend you don't remember! Since then it's gone on to more than triple SEGA's expectations, becoming the best-selling game that Sonic has ever featured in and the best-selling game that SEGA has ever published. That's not something you say every day.

19. Animal Crossing: Wild World - 11.31 million sold

Like Mario & Sonic, Animal Crossing: Wild World has slowed down. That's probably not surprising, since the game is considerably older, and maybe it's impressive since it's still averaging about 20 thousand units a month. Tell you what: I don't think another Animal Crossing is going to pass this one up any time soon.

June Writeup: This is perhaps a testament to the power of ideas that are really hard for the average gamer to grasp. Animal Crossing isn't really about anything at all: you go around your town cleaning up and doing odd jobs, and there's no real set goal or enemies or anything! The simple relaxing simplicity of its setting, design, and gameplay have still managed to launch it into the top 20, and it continues to sell years after release. It's probably going to be knocked out of the top 20 before all's said and done - I'm just not sure by what.

20. Halo 3 - 11.18 million sold

Master Chief has had a better run than anyone could have anticipated, and has managed over 50 thousand units a month since June. Given more time, it could have probably reached 12 million, but Reach will ultimately cut the game's legs out from under it - but then, maybe not, right? Its days in the top 20 are numbered: it will be only a matter of weeks before Call of Duty: Black Ops pushes it out. Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 has surpassed it as the best-selling FPS on a single platform. It remains to be seen if Reach will be able to climb so high, but if this game's persistent multiplayer community has anything to say about it, it's going to be a Hell of a fight.

June Writeup: Master Chief's last stand ended up being the best-selling game in the franchise by an almost ludicrous margin, and continues to hold the title of best-selling shooter on a single console. Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 will probably pass it up soon, but that does not detract from this game's enormous sales, which has translated into an enormous and very devoted community.

21. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - 10.82 million sold

4.42 million Wii, 4.40 million 360, 2.00 million PS3

It took three forevers, but this game has finally stalled at about ten thousand units a month. It's unlikely that any music game will surpass it in the foreseeable future.

June Writeup: The best-selling rhythm-based music game there is, Guitar Hero III defined music games on the current-gen consoles and its sales reflect that. This was the golden age of music games, and it will be remembered as such. With PS2 sales, this game eclipsed 15 million units. Yowza!

22. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 10.17 million sold

3.68 million Wii, 3.56 million DS, 1.64 million 360, 1.29 million PS3

This... this game is still selling, actually. If it has a strong holiday, it could end up surpassing Guitar Hero III. People love LEGO and Star Wars, no doubt. Still the best-selling Star Wars game!

June Writeup: This is the epitome of all LEGO games: simple, accessible, fun, dealing with a property that nearly everyone loves, and able to be played in multiplayer. The Complete Saga has sold much (much) more than the first game or the Original Trilogy, and continues to sell as a Hell of a deal - apparently, few can resist this gem for twenty bucks. The other two games might have made this list, except that they never saw a Wii release. Go figure.

Also, this is the best-selling Star Wars game of all time. Did I mention that? It is.

23. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 9.64 million sold

160 thousand sold in the dull months of summer. Ten million units should be very doable over the course of the holidays, or a few months after. Interesting point: at 10 million, Samus would be in more copies of Brawl than the entire Metroid series combined. of course that's also true for Captain Falcon, Marth, Ike, Olimar, Ness, Lucas.... you get the picture.

June Writeup: What's that? A Smash Bros. game might break ten million units sold? You don't say. In spite of falling seven places since this list was created, Brawl continues to sell steadily just like its predecessors did, and ten million may not be the roof here. We'll see as time goes on.

24. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - 8.97

As it turns out, this game very well could end up outselling Fire Red and Leaf Green! Go figure. Within the next year or two this could be the best-selling Pokemon remake ever... assuming Black and White doesn't cannibalize it.

June Writeup: As Pokemon games go, Heart Gold and Soul Silver have quite a distance to walk before they can strut with the big boys, but for re-releases they've done all right. It's yet to be seen if they'll end up selling better than Fire Red and Leaf Green (3 million to go), but this is Pokemon we're talking about: anything can happen.

25. Super Mario Galaxy - 8.90 million sold

Super Mario Galaxy continues to sell in spite of its sequel making a fairly enormous splash. Will the magic that people raved about push this game past 10 million? It will be a long time in coming, but we'll see! Also, Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be breaking into the top 50 over the course of the holiday season.

June Writeup: WAHOO! For a lot of people, Super Mario Galaxy was a return to form for 3D Mario, the harbinger of a new golden age for console platformers. Now we have two 3D Marios and a 2D Mario all on one system, and Marioboys couldn't be happier. This game hasn't quite stalled out - it's sold another ~450k since the last edition of this list - but it's slowing down and will likely hit its final shipiments sometime in the next year. It's unknown if its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, will be able to match its sales, but we'll all be watching.

26. Assassin's Creed - 8.74 million sold

4.94 million 360, 3.80 million PS3

Assassin's Creed sales have tapered off, but it continues to sell relatively well. Its sequel is catching up quick. Also of note: Mario 64 DS didn't pass it up yet, but Mario Galaxy did. I didn't see that coming.

June Writeup: Assassin's Creed is holding doggedly onto relevance, selling anothr 500,000 copies since its sequel was released. How's that for stayingn power? It's possible that Mario 64 DS will pass it up before too long, but time will tell.

27. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - 8.66 million sold

3.56 million 360, 1.78 million DS, 1.78 million Wii, 0.84 million PSP, 0.70 million PS3

The fact that this game has managed to maintain its spot is pretty typical of LEGO legs. Also of note: I apparently failed to carry a one somewhere last time I added this game up. Oops!

June Writeup: The smirk really says it all. The second major IP in the current-gen LEGO line, Indiana Jones was propelled into the top thirty thanks to some very savvy and aggressive 360 bundling during the 2008 holiday season. The best part? The game probably would have made it into the top 50 anyway. You go, Indy.

28. Super Mario 64 DS - 8.53 million sold

This game continues to sell incrementally but well, and has fallen two places since June. In terms of sales, 3D Mario definitely exists in the shadow of its elder 2D brother, but this game is not a slouch at all. It's unlikely that it will pass up Mario Galaxy at this point. I was wrong!

June Writeup: What's that? A Nintendo game selling over eight million copies? Big deal. ...Wait, it's within a stone's throw of Mario Galaxy? And closing in? And it's a port of a game that was nearly a decade old when this came out!? Super Mario 64 DS is kind of the Cinderella story of the Nintendo DS: it had to get past crappy controls and a fragmented world system to do it, but it's gone on to stand proudly next to every single 3D Mario platformer. By the end of the gen it might be the second-best-selling of that line, with the best being the original Mario 64.

29. FIFA Soccer 10 - 8.26 million sold

3.46 million PS3, 2.67 million 360, 0.88 million Wii, 0.76 million PSP, 0.49 million DS

I'm still tempted to say "GOOOOOOOOOOAL", etc. Will be interesting to see how this holds up when the '11 games start weighing in.

June Writeup: The best-selling futbol game on this list by a considerable margin, there should be no explanation necessary: thtisi s the most popular sport in the world, and it's going to continue to move video games until buyers get sick of it (which menas it iwll move games forever).

30. Assassin's Creed II - 8.08 million sold

4.14 million 360, 3.94 million PS3

As it turns out, this has plenty of potential to pass up the original, so long as Brotherhood doesn't cut its legs out from under it. Climbing positions at this point is pretty difficult, but it could end up going even higher.

June Writeup: "We fixed everything wrong with the first game," Ubisoft said. Gamers said, "Oh. All right. I better get on buying that, then." It's yet to be seen if this can surpass the original in raw sales, but it's going to make a hell of a try at it.

31. Guitar Hero: World Tour - 7.51 million sold

3.45 million Wii, 2.50 million 360, 1.56 PS3

This game has fallen out of the top 30, but even if it never sells another copy it's not going to be passed up by any other music game in the foreseeable future. The future is looking quiet and it will continue to fall on this list, but it's already made more money than its place would suggest.

June Writeup: In a way this is sort of a last hurrah for the rhythm-based music genre: all the innovation and teamwork-based appeal of the Rock Band franchise combined with the sheer brand power of Guitar Hero collided in a perfect storm to create one of the highest-grossing music games of all time. After this, most agree that the series went downhill, and some blame this on oversaturation but one also has to wonder: where else was there to go? With PS2 sales counted, this just barely misses the 9 million mark; I don't even wat to think about how much money that is.

32. LEGO Batman: The Videogame - 7.36 million sold

2.62 million 360, 1.73 million Wii, 1.66 million DS, 0.80 million PSP, 0.55 million PS3

You know, for this update I checked to see whether or not Arkham Asylum would fit on this list. It doesn't. This continues to be the best-selling Batman game, and it continues to sell very briskly. Still the smallest of the big three LEGO games, but it's still a juggernaut in its own right. It actually climbed a rank since June!

June Writeup: Holy frijoles, Batman! Yet another LEGO SKU that's made it htis high at least partially due to aggressive bundling, LEGO Batman manages to hit a quirky middleground between 60's camp and modern seriousness in the guise of LEGO, which makes everything as safe and approachable as can be. It's the least-selling of the big three LEGO games this gen, but that's nothingn to sneeze at.

33. Mario Party 8 - 7.18  million sold

This game has sold a respectable 100 thousand units since June. Wii Party will probably kill it off for good, but as of now it's the best-selling Mario Party ever. if Wii Party is successful enough, it may hold that title in perpetuity.

June Writeup: The best-selling game in the Mario Party franchise may also be its last: with the announcement of Wii Party, it looks like Nintendo may be retiring the plumber's board game shenanigans altogether. As such, it's unlikely that it will ever be surpassed in its own franchise. It will be interesting to see whether or not Wii Party can surpass this game in terms of accolades and revenue.

34. Pokemon Platinum - 7.10 million sold

It doesn't look likely that there will be a Cerebral Crystal (or whatever), so this will hold onto its spot as the second-highest-selling third pillar in the franchise. Sales have slowed down, though, and will likely stop altogether when Black and White land.

June Writeup: Pokemon Platinum is one of those special Pokemon games that stand as a third pillar in any given generation - relegated to lower sales than Diamond and Pearl, it still manages to strut its stuff like nobody's business. It passed up Crystal as the second-best-selling Third Pillar in the franchise, but it has exactly no chance of ever passing up Yellow (which has more than double Platinum's sales).

35. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 6.95 million sold

2.32 million 360, 1.61 million PS3, 1.49 million Wii, 0.80 million PSP, 0.73 million DS

Turns out? People still love Star Wars, and Jedi, and lightsabers. The sequel's coming! I expect it will elbow its way onto this list within the space of a year. If that game improves on this one in the same way that other listed sequels (like Assassin's Creeed) have, we're going to see a new force on the list.

June Writeup: You know what people love about Star Wars? Jedi. You know what this game let you do? Play as a Jedi. You could slice people and objects with your lightsaber, shoot lightning, throw TIE Fighters around, and watch two men hold a tenuous embrace as they spiral outward into cold oblivion. Its sales are, of course, no surprise.

36. Mario Party DS - 6.70 million sold

Another hundred thousand sold since the last time this list was updated. Come to think of it, Wii Party won't kill this game off. In theory, it could pass up Mario Party 8! That should be fun to watch.

June Writeup: You know, it really says something when a single DS Mario Party outsells any other two games in this series from past generations. Do people just like Mario, or Parties, or what?

37. Big Brain Academy - 6.47 million sold

Hey, this game has actually stalled out altogether. We may not be tracking it anymore, or it may have stopped selling altogether. It had a really good run though, didn't it? It will probably stay in the top 50 until the very end of the generation, and that's definitely worth some accolades.

June Writeup: For being Brain Age Lite, this sold incredibly well. Actually, it sold incredibly well anyway. This is one of the best-selling and most unique games that's doomed to be forgotten next to a bigger, burlier, more intuitive cousin.

38. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - 6.29 million sold

3.48 million Wii, 2.81 million DS

In spite of not selling as well as its predecessor, this game continues to kick ass. It's climbed three places since June. Daaang.

June Writeup: The sequel to the megahit Mario and Sonic hasn't set the world on fire to the same degree that its predecessor did, but this is the kind of game that should have legs enough to keep climbing the ranks. Who would have thought over a concept almost no one initially took seriously? I mean, it's sporting events, and one of them is Sonic.

39. Resident Evil 5 - 6.21 million sold

3.39 million PS3, 2.82 million 360

Another three-place climber! In a few more months, this game will pass up Resident Evil 2 as the best-selling game in the franchise! I could check that number, but I won't, because I know one of you will correct me if need be. This game is still selling hot!

June Writeup: What do people love? They love Resident Evil. What else do people love? Co-op shooters. How much do people love co-op Resident Evil shooters? Enough for it to sell about six million copies, chump! Not as universally praised as its predecessor, Resident Evil 5 still lit the charts on fire for obvious reasons.

40. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - 6.18 million sold

Still the only PSP game on the list, and still selling pretty well for its platform - 70 thousand in the past three months. It's going to fall out of the top 40 soon, but its spot in the top 50 should be fairly safe.

June Writeup: It's almost amazing how a side story collection of grand Theft Auto can still be a comparative sales titan. This is the only PSP exclusive on the list, and outsold every single PS3 exclusive, and all but one 360 exclusive. Pretty insane for a piece of hardware that traditionally has trouble moving software. With PS2 sales included, it's at around 9.5 million units.

41. Madden NFL 10 - 6.17 million sold

2.72 million 360, 2.20 million PS3, 0.66 million Wii, 0.59 million PSP

Slight downward adjustment on the Wii version of this game has not stopped it from selling on every other platform. It continues to climb, and it looks like it's status in the top 50 is fairly secure. Madden continues to represent!

June Writeup: This game is the sole representative of the gridiron on this list, which is still mighty impressive considering how much fewer people watch American football. This game won't remain in the top 50 by gen's end, and then the list will be sadly empty of good old fashioned American pig-skin.

42. FIFA Soccer 08 - 6.15 million sold

1.69 million PS3, 1.46 million 360, 1.15 million PSP, 1.00 million Wii, 0.85 million DS

Incidentally this game also fell quite a few places. Expect it to keep falling.

June Writeup: I don't know a lot about FIFA, or futbol, or anything like that. I know they sell a lot of games! This game sold a lot, you guys.

43. Red Dead Redemption - 6.10 million sold

3.38 million 360, 2.72 million PS3

Howdy, Mr. Marston. Red Dead Redemption has blasted its way up the ranks, and will continue to do so, having lifted most of the sandbox sales from Grand Theft Auto IV. Also, I'd like to say this game is awesome. Great Western game, and its sales reflect how it appeals to an underserved genre.

44. Gears of War - 6.09 million sold

Gears of War, like Big Brain Academy, has stalled out. Hard as it might be to imagine, this game may not hold onto its spot in the top 50 forever. Gears 2 may actually end up surpassing it before Gears 3 lands, which isn't something I anticipated in June.

June Writeup: I love me some Gears. A lot of people do. Before Halo 3, this was the game to own on the system, the game that, for better or worse, helped shaped the public perception of the systemfor a couple of years. It's still appreciated for its highly polished co-op mode, continues to sell in small amounts to this day. Nearly four years after its launch it may finally be coming to a rest, but that's all right: it did everything it needed to do.

45. FIFA Soccer 09 - 6.02 million sold

2.47 million PS3, 2.07 million 360, 1.05 million PSP, 0.43 mllion DS

FIFA 09 hasn't stalled out just yet, but 10 has definitely cannibalized its sales and it will continue to fall down the list.

June Writeup: You know, every single FIFA game that released primarily on current-gen systems made this list. What does that say? Something about loving futbol.

46. Gears of War 2 - 5.89 million sold

Still Gears of War, only moreso. It's sold 160 thousand units since June, and should get in a few hundred thousand more in the year before Gears 3 release.

June Writeup: It was Gears of War, only moreso. We were promised a game that was bigger, badder, and more bad-ass, and we got exactly that. With a third game announced, it will be interesting to see if the series's momentum can carry through another iteration, and whether or not Gears 2 can stay in the top 50 over time. We'll probably know by the end of the year.

47. Final Fantasy XIII - 5.83 million sold

4.28 million PS3, 1.55 million 360

It's still here, darth! It's climbed a couple of places, leapfrogging Twilight Princess in the process. It's sold 400 thousand since June, and its holiday legs will likely be indicative of how far it will ultimately go. It should pass up 6 million very briskly, but is 7 possible? Only time will tell.

June Writeup: Okay, darth! It made it. Just barely. This is the best-selling tv-connected-console RPG of the generation, and te only representative of its franchise on this list. As first Final Fantasy entries in a generation go its performance has been relatively poor, but it may nont be fair to compare it to Final Fantasies VII and X. It will continue to sell for some time, easily waltzing past 6 million sales, and should stay in the top 50 for at least another year or so.

48. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 5.68 million sold

120 thousand units sold since June, Twilight Princess is still going strong - but not nearly strong enough to hold onto its spot in the top 50. After four years of clinging onto its spot, it will finally slip off altogether. With the Gamecube sales included, this game sits at 7.24 million sales - it's possible that within another year or two, it could pass up Ocarina of Time. But that doesn't matter for this list. I don't know why I'm talking about it.

Okay, yes, I do know. It's okay, TP! I still love you! You're #33 in my heart!

June Writeup: This game may not have captured people's imaginations to the same degree as Mario Galaxy, but by God it's managed to do enough. It's clung tenaciously to the top 50 list for the entire length of its release in November of 2006, and even though its eventual fall from the list is a foregone conclusion it may be able to hold on for a few more months if it sees a boost in the wake of the Zelda Wii announcement. A more interesting question might be whether or not Zelda Wii can tap into the mainstream that Zelda has always just barely missed, bringing the series to new heights. This game, when counting Gamecube sales, has sold 7.12 million copies, making it the second-best-selling game in the franchise.

49. Halo 3: ODST - 5.66 million sold

This is the least of the mainline Halo games. Of all the games on this list, it was the most handicapped: a lot of consumers seemed to think it was just an expansion. But it proved itself, carved out its niche, and has clawed its way into the top 50. How long will it stay? No telling. But this is the little Halo that could.

50. Fallout 3 - 5.60 million sold

3.30 million 350, 2.30 million PS3

Still the other best-selling console RPG of the generation, Fallout 3 has clung onto its spot like a man clinging to rad-free water. New Vegas may inadvertently cause it to slip from the top 50, but for now? Pip Boy is proud.

June Writeup: The other best-selling console RPG of the generation, this game just barely edges out Halo 3: ODST for the 50th spot. It's not going to stay, but that's more of a testament to the ferocity of this generation's sales environment than it is a slight against the game, which has performed beyond all expectations. God's speed, Pip Boy. God's speed.

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Much better ;)


I'll clean it of typos and such in the next day or so; right now I'm satisfied with it.

I'll probably be updating this every month or six weeks, so it's very much a long-term topic.

I wouldn't mind using his as a general sales discussion thread, though, especially for some games that are moving up the charts very quickly.

Anyone want to make bets on where New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be in November? How about Modern Warfare 2?

First I thought that it was going to be by platforms (not combining sales) but then I realized it could have been all nintendo only x.x


Are the game cube's sales included in TP?

Maynard_Tool said:

First I thought that it was going to be by platforms (not combining sales) but then I realized it could have been all nintendo only x.x


Are the game cube's sales included in TP?

Nope, no PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, or GBA sales are included in these figures.

I did include Gamecube numbers in the flavor text for those who are curious about certain games, though. With Cube sales as VGChartz has recorded them, TP is at 7.12 million - or 32nd place, if you prefer.