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    Blah blah blah. I'll post the same thing if I choose to. You can respond in the same way if you'd like. It's not some OCD thing. It simply makes sense to have the hot topics only be entertainment related. If we got rid of politics discussions from the front page, that would be completely fine. If not, we should change the name of this website.

    Happy holidays, my friend!

    Season's greetings to you to, my friend. Nice to see that you're still around even without your moderation duties!

    on 28 December 2015


    on 28 December 2015


    on 10 June 2015

    What do you think about Yooka-Laylee? Planning on funding the Kickstarter?

    It definitely strikes me as a promising project. The massive support from Banjo-Kazooie fans coupled with the developers' plans to recruit more Rare veterans gives me far more hope than anything that Microsoft has promised and teased in recent years.

    While funding the project has crossed my mind, they are not exactly in a dire situation at this point. (Heck, I'd even consider myself to be in greater need of a Kickstarter :P ) Still, I will show my support by buying the game whenever it releases.

    As for the game itself, while I do feel like they should have picked a mammal instead of a reptile, I think it is too early to draw any conclusions. After all it does leave a lot of room for new gameplay ideas. The music and art direction seems to be on point so at least they got the essentials covered.


    on 08 May 2015

    I'm excited :) As you know, I adore Rare's golden age. If Yooka-Laylee can come close to the greatness of that era, I'll be a happy man.

    After years of watching Rare's properties gather dust and its brightest minds leave for greener pastures, I'm eager to see a return to the ideas that made the company famous.

    I really hope it's a home run.

    on 08 May 2015

    Am I mistaken or is your latest thread Rol-esque?

    I'd say that is somewhat accurate. Though a significant difference is that it doesn't suffer from the obvious flaw of being made by Rol. ;)

    on 03 March 2015

    It has the advantage that people don't catch on as quickly.

    on 03 March 2015

    You've been on fire lately. Lots of great posts :)

    Why, thank you! :)

    And it's nice to see that your new moderator duties haven't stopped you from sharing your insight. I'm particularly fond of your input in the Rare IP revival thread.

    Which reminds me, though I'm sure I've brought this up before, I still can't thank you enough for encouraging me to check out the Donkey Kong Country series. The experiences I shared with my family members will stay with me forever; largely thanks to the engaging soundtrack and its ability to make you recall all the struggles and triumphs that followed with each stage.

    For that, you have my eternal gratitude.

    on 15 January 2015

    I'm so glad you enjoyed them! What a great trilogy. Great level design, awesome boss fights, plenty of secrets and collectibles, amazing music, etc. Which one was your favorite?

    on 21 January 2015

    Hmm... That's a tough question. I feel like each game has their respective qualities. The first game was very challenging and introduced the basics (including that legendary main theme), the second game had more fluid gameplay (i.e. less challenging, for better and worse) and more variety in terms of features and gameplay, and the third game felt a lot like a collection of bonus levels for those who simply enjoy DKC gameplay, with some added twists.

    I'd say the first entry wins in terms of innovation while the second wins when considering the many refinements done to the series (including the music). And while the third game doesn't stand out as much as the others, it is certainly a strong finish that doesn't fall short on the gameplay.

    What's your favorite?

    on 21 January 2015

    I'm actually partial to 3. I really like the addition of an overworld with secrets, plus all the side-quests and NPCs. It felt a little more like an action-adventure game, which was cool. The level design and music isn't as great as 2, but I like the overall structure of the game. All three are excellent, though :)

    on 21 January 2015

    So glad you're doing the top 50 countdown! Can't wait to see your list :)

    Thanks, man! I always knew my opinion deserved more recognition, so it's nice to see that someone like you actually gives a damn.

    Thankfully, Smeags was nice enough to invite me to the event. I usually read every thread in the Latest Topics section, but that particular thread somehow eluded me. So shout-outs to Smeags for that, as well as his hard work with the event.

    And yes, I am eager to see your list as well, Veknoid :) Hopefully yours won't be as faulty as mine, as I have already noticed that I forgot to mention Pokémon X/Y. (The list has already been sent, so I can't make any adjustments :( , but there is always next year!)

    on 05 November 2014

    I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the first time on Friday. What an amazing game. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to play it.

    Awesome! It truly is one of Nintendo's finest work. Though it may not introduce a lot of new stuff to the genre (since Galaxy 1 already took care of that) they really perfected the first 120 stars to the point where you couldn't put down the controller. As for the green stars... well, I was not a big fan of them. Somewhat mirror mode-esque in my opinion.

    In any event, did you play co-op for the most part or did you play by yourself?

    on 03 August 2014

    I went solo mostly. I tried one level with co-op just to see how it was (definitely better than Galaxy 1) but it was a little too busy on screen. What about you?

    As far as green stars go, I kind of liked them. I enjoyed the platforming challenge. That's not to say that the main game wasn't challenging but many of the final 122 required some very careful and precise platforming, which was nice. I loved the final galaxy. That last star was a huge challenge, but totally worth it. My only complaint, really, is that EAD made the last star so difficult to unlock. How are we supposed to know what to do there? I had to look it up, and then grind for star bits.

    on 04 August 2014

    I got all stars in co-op mode. While this made the game a lot easier at times (like when player 2 was able to freeze stage hazards and enemies) it did improve the experience at lot for me. (Though as far as I know adding a greater challenge may prove equally enjoyable.)

    I can see where you are coming from in regards to the green stars; some levels even seemed to have been designed with the green stars in mind. I'm just not a big fan of backtracking stages in general, which includes the teddy bear collecting in Jet Force Gemini, the search for hidden keys in Metroid Prime 2, the aforementioned mirror cups in Mario Kart and, to a smaller degree, the later stages in Halo: CE. The challenges themselves may be fun at times, but I can't help but think of them as inferior experiences.

    I also loved the challenge of the final galaxy, in spite of the tedious unlocking process. If anything, it proved once and for all that the appeal of Nintendo games still reach far beyond the casual gamers.

    on 04 August 2014

    < Slarvax posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    What's your NNID? After today's fierce battle, I'd like to add you :D

    NNID: ChaosCyber, oddly enough :P (My brother came up with it before he made his own account and we stopped sharing it.)

    And yes, those were some really good races. I hope you'll be a Rol-tourney regular to keep thing more competitive!

    on 26 June 2014

    Now that I'm on vacation, I sure will be

    on 26 June 2014


    on 26 June 2014

    I hear you are a Mk master.Is this true?

    That is highly subjective and you can't expect my answer to be unbiased.

    How about you participate tomorrow and make your own judgement?

    on 14 June 2014

    I have nearly 90 percent of the Wii U games available. MK8 is not one of them. I bought so many I am now poor.

    on 14 June 2014

    That sucks. We're all having a blast and would welcome some new blood.

    on 14 June 2014

    Soon. Probably next paycheck after this one. Have fun!

    on 14 June 2014

    got it.

    on 29 June 2014

    I hope you can make it to today's Tourney. There's not very many people so far!

    Indeed I can!

    My sister has also expressed interest so you may be getting two additional participants.

    on 14 June 2014

    Alrighty. I haven't played a race in which two people play from the same console, does it show up as two completely separate racers?

    on 14 June 2014

    Yes. And her mii name will be displayed.

    on 14 June 2014

    Does she mind if I use her Mii name in the rankings or should I just say "THE1's Sister"?

    on 14 June 2014

    She says it doesn't matter after some doubt. So I'd say the latter is preferable :P

    on 14 June 2014

    < Squeezol posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    Who said I was beyond saving? :P

    Zelda for Wii U looks too good to me. It seems to be what I need: more gameplay freedom. I guess I have to trust Nintendo on that one for now though, because we haven't really seen much at all..

    Well, you were looking for a good entry point and at the time of that post, it seemed Nintendo had nothing to swing you over. This may no longer be the case one year from now, however.

    In other words, a cure is currently in development. So stay strong!

    on 10 June 2014

    Dude...Mario Kart 8...I'm in awe.

    Are you talking about the game itself or the sales? :P

    on 02 June 2014

    Haha, the game of course!

    on 02 June 2014

    For some reason I immediately assumed that you were talking about the sales and started writing an essay, then that question struck me

    But yes, Mario Kart 8 is quite the definition of awesome. The gameplay is clean, items are balanced (at last!), visuals are immensely beautiful and experiencing the whole thing is just sheer fun.

    Have you partaken in any of the tournaments yet?

    on 02 June 2014

    *tournaments so far, rather

    on 02 June 2014

    No tournaments yet. Still playing around with the game. I'm just amazed by how great it is. Nintendo EAD always adds an extra layer of polish to its games, so I should have expected as much, but still it came as a surprise. The game is incredibly balanced, each track is different, and fresh, and gorgeous to look at, and the customization options give the game a ton of depth. But, most importantly, it's just so fun to play. I can't put it down :)

    on 02 June 2014

    That's understandable. I, too, didn't participate in vgc's first tournament to get more familiar with the game. And I can't say it didn't pay off since I later won each Gran Prix >:) Hope to have you join the competition when you feel ready!

    And yes, putting the game down is quite a challenge. That extra polish that you mentioned is truly making itself tangible in this entry.

    on 02 June 2014

    Do you think it will find a spot in your top 50?

    on 03 June 2014

    Most definitely. My last list had two or three Mario Kart titles and this one surpasses all of them.

    I also can't believe that I forgot to praise the game's overall soundtrack earlier, which plays a big part in this. Nintendo really stepped up their game in Galaxy which was later carried over to 3D World, a few others (such as Pokémon) and now Mario Kart 8.

    on 03 June 2014

    Good call. Rarely do I pay attention the music in MK but in 8 I notice and enjoy the soundtrack. That Moo Moo Meadows song has been stuck in my head for days :)

    on 03 June 2014

    Yeah, that's definitely one of the better ones.

    I'm having a hard time getting rid of the opening theme myself :P As well as the first parts of Rainbow Road 64.

    on 03 June 2014

    Played online for the first time last night. It's smooth as butter! I expected a few hiccups or some lag, but it was perfect :D

    on 07 June 2014

    Yup! The system they use where all players are perfectly smooth on their own screen works well even with players who live far away from you. Unlike shooters and fighters where you often find yourself being "adjusted" to either the host player's connection or the server's - completely interrupting your gameplay.

    Outside of tournaments and regional matchmaking, I (well, and a great part of the VGC userbase it'd seem) have had quite a few disconnection issues when searching for global races though. Fortunately, it only happens between races which means that no points will be lost, but it is still a minor annoyance.

    I take it you have been spared from all this? :P

    on 07 June 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    Hey, if you're still interested in the Mario Kart 8 tourney, then it starts in little over 3 hours. Hope you and your brother can join us!

    More details: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6359794

    Thanks for the reminder. We will be there!

    on 01 June 2014

    Alright nice, see you in half an hour :)

    on 01 June 2014

    Dead space fan? Good man :)

    Have you played Extraction? I just beat it this week. Obviously different because of the on-rails gameplay but really good!

    Yup, got the second game after visiting the store and having a lot of money to spare. I had watched a lot of gameplay footage on youtube before, but did certainly not expect the game to be nearly as enjoyable as it was after trying it out myself. I later got the third game (which did have some fun gameplay but ultimately lived up to its reputation) and lastly bought the first game used as I was happily surprised to find a physical copy at the store.

    Unfortunately I never found an Extraction copy, but I did watch a full playthrough long ago to expand my Dead Space lore. Nice to hear from you that the game lives up to its series gameplay-wise though! Also, I take it on-rails has its benefits as well?

    on 23 May 2014

    It definitely does. It's like being strapped into a roller coaster. It's one of the very best rail shooters I've played, and defintely worthy of the series.

    on 23 May 2014

    Nice, that's the impression I got as well from watching it.

    I will definitely keep an eye out for this game as I'm sure this different form of immersion along with the co-op aspect will keep the game from aging.

    on 23 May 2014

    < Smeags posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ HAIL IIIIThe1IIII

    Another Direct, another wave of unbridled negativity.

    Yeah, and this time it was actually unexpected. To me, at least. Because releasing the 3DS version first is an excellent move, and the content of the direct was much better than I expected:

    - Combos in action
    - Wide roster
    - Focus on balancing
    - Online rankings
    - Features, features, features

    At this point I'm just glad that Nintendo doesn't listen to the immediate feedback and instead put focus on how people will remember their present in the future.

    on 08 April 2014

    I really enjoyed this one! 3DS is their money maker right now and it needs some push this year, so this decision makes sence for multiple reasons. Plus...Wii U needs it to be good quality, and game spacing.

    on 08 April 2014

    THE1 and only, how's it going? Wanted to invite you to check out the "March Madness" tournament if you are so inclined.

    Here's the link: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=180453&page=1#

    We're in the second round now.

    Everything is fine, thank you :)

    Seems like a great tournament. I'll cast my vote.

    on 24 March 2014

    Thanks man. So what's new? How's school?

    on 24 March 2014

    Currently having no school. Been taking it easy since I graduated a while back and intend to get back to it after this summer. And I can't say I'm not looking forward to it, because having to income kind of sucks :P (Fortunately I will have an income after said summer, thanks to the glorious Swedish education system.)

    Good thing is my parent think I deserve all this day-off, since I'm directly compared to my older brother who dropped off school mid-term. So right now I can just chill with no shame *insert sunglasses emote*

    on 24 March 2014


    on 24 March 2014

    That's cool. It's good to take some time for yourself.

    Plus that's extra time to get in some gaming

    on 24 March 2014

    Yup, and Mario Kart 8 in particular couldn't have released at a better time. It will be sort of the grand finale of this vacation!

    Also, I did/am checking out the SNES Donkey Kong Country series, as I recall you recommended, and it really does deliver everything you've come to expect from classic Rare titles .(excellent platforming, timeless music and memorable multiplayer experiences). So I guess I owe you one! =)

    on 24 March 2014

    So glad you're enjoying them! I really do love that trilogy, especially 3 which is kind of the black sheep.

    And that music! I could listen to Stickerbush Symphony all day.

    on 24 March 2014

    < Smeags posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    Hey The1, just wanted to thank you for the vote in the GUT. Conker 4 Lyfe! *hi 5*

    No problem. Just giving credits where credits are due ;)

    on 16 February 2014

    I started saying The1, except I always used a space.

    on 23 February 2014

    < Zappykins posted something on IIIIITHE1IIIII's wall:

    Glad to see your post. I was wondering what was up with you.

    Thanks for the concern, man! =)

    And I'm glad you're still hanging around here. Always enjoyed reading your posts.

    on 14 February 2014

    Thank you very kindly. I've taking some time off too, but have a new Troll Shield(tm) that really helps as well. Glad you are back.

    on 14 February 2014

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