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    < spurgeonryan posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Hey there, what have you been up to?

    Life... Have 1 kid and another on the way, been working a small business for a few years now. How about you?

    on 29 October 2016

    Still come here daily, but have pushed over to Reddit as well. I am Manager at walmart now, and I still only have 3 children.
    What is your small business? Data related?

    on 29 October 2016

    Not data related anymore.... Shopping mall w/ businesses in it.

    on 01 November 2016

    < SamuelRSmith posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Nice to see you around, old timer!

    < aviggo77 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    please donate me a few more mbtc.

    < mrstickball updated his status:


    < kirby007 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    This might be up your alley a little restart of the old prediction threads

    < Kaizar posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:

    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:

    Star Wars episode 7,8,9 & sides Thread:

    < Dodece posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    In answer to your thread about North Korea. From what I gather, and it is really sketchy thus far. China right now is undergoing a denial of service attack. Probably as a form of retaliation against the country for launching its own denial of service attacks.

    < NiKKoM posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    aaron greenberg gave a hint about the amount of Xbox Live Gold users

    Thanks. I figured that was about what it was - I've seen so many people on VGC try to dispute the >50% attach rate.

    on 12 February 2013

    < selenababy44 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Hello Dear

    Am selena by name, The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, the kindly smile standards the selena of companionship rules, it is the spiritual inspiration That comes to one, When He Discovers That someone else Believes In him and is willing to trust him . I'm willing to trust you as a friend, although we Have not Met Before, but i believe That One thousand miles journey start with a step! If you feel the same way with me, please contact me-through my email address, because i think it Will Be more confidential for us You Can write me at ( that i send you to you more of my pictures and tell you more about me .Good friends are one in a million, Good friends Have stories to share, I wish you a pleasant day.

    many kiss from miss selena

    < noname2200 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < Mr Khan posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    You put some sort of plugin in your OP on the regulation thread that's bugging the whole thread (always asks for new plugin installation) even though you can't see it. I can't seem to edit it out of your post's html, either.

    Just an fyi.

    < grace4love posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    I'm very happy to meet you,

    Friendship is not only because of feelings or what we have but because of understanding, sharing and caring. friendship does not think distance, age or even color. friendship is not just playing or chatting with each other. but friendship is hearing each others voice from the clear mind and open heart. A friend is a gift . someone who will cares as much as i do I'm very happy to meet you,something motivated me to contact you, after see your mail today in my yahoo meseger please i have every important reason why I decided to contact you.My Dear in your usual time may it pleases you to write me back in my email address So that can be able to tell you the Reason why I decided to contact you i promise to tell you more about myself as soon as receive your email and i will also give you my pic for you to know who am and Reason of my contact to you i wish you the best as your ready this my mesege send me more of your pic in my mail box

    < Smeags posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    In the end, there were no protesters at our CFA last Friday. Really surprised honestly (we were going to serve them free Lemonade :P). Apparently a group went to a CFA 10 miles up the road.

    There was also an arrest made at a CFA ~30 miles away. Not sure about the details.

    So yeah, not much else to report. Now we'll have to wait for the next thing to get angry about. :P

    < Zappykins posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Hey, really proud that you can separate your personal and private religious views from legal rights.


    Ultimately, its the only way that both sides of the argument will have peace and work out the situation. Both sides have extremists, and its best to do what is possible to argue against them where possible.

    To me, the question is always about rights. If I can maintain my right of free speech - to disagree with things I view as wrong - then I don't see why I should deny others the rights to practice as they wish, assuming they give me the same common courtesy.

    on 26 July 2012

    < badgenome posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    mrstickball, why can't you just see that corporations have programmed us to never want to stop shoveling food into our faces? Are you a corporation or something?


    Corps share some of the blame (as I said) in my last post, since they have artificially low prices on some goods like meat and dairy.

    I just always find it funny that the blame always lies with someone else. I can talk to a 400lb person until I'm blue in the face about eating 4,000 calories of Totinos Pizza Rolls, but they will always make an excuse about it being someone else's fault.

    on 20 March 2012

    You have to take into account the fact that it is cheaper to buy a freezer full of Totinos Pizza Rolls than it is to buy one single shriveled carrot, because McDonald's.

    on 20 March 2012


    Like I said in the post:

    Cabbage - $0.29/lb
    Carrots - $0.49/lb (for regular, non-baby carrots)
    Tomatoes - $1.49/lb

    And so on. Sadly, the whole 'McDonalds' crowd is so dumb, they've never actually priced healthy food vs. unhealthy food. Do you know how much a bag of Lays potato chips costs? $5/lb. Do you know how much 50lbs of potatoes cost? $15 where I live.

    on 20 March 2012

    That's what really kills me. It's such a stubborn and pervasive bit of misinformation. I can only assume that people hear it and think it sounds really smart so they just regurgitate it right back, but shit, don't people go shopping? Aren't they bound to notice that everything they're saying is patently false?

    "I'm not saying that carrots are rare or expensive, but they're rare and expensive! But that's not what I'm saying at all!"

    on 20 March 2012

    < zuvuyeay posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    you are online,i was watching some of super tuesday late last night from over here and found myself asking a silly question,who is voting for what last night,is it the members of the public and do you have to be a member of the republican party,how does it work

    Ha ha, no problems on answering:

    "Super Tuesday" is the day that a lot of states get to vote for the Republican (or Democrat) nominee for president. Generally, the results go a long ways to deciding who gets elected.

    As to who can vote, that really varies from state to state. Some states have "Closed Primaries" which require you to be a Republican or Democrat to vote for their nominee. Other states have an "Open Primary" which allows you to declare at the polling station as to which party you want to vote for.

    Still then, some other states have "Caucuses" which are like town hall meetings that people discuss the candidates, then vote en-mass after the discussion, but that is the least popular type of vote.

    on 08 March 2012

    right,i see,so in theory in some places,democrat voters can vote on republican candidates and vice versa,is that right

    on 08 March 2012


    on 08 March 2012

    < sethnintendo posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Decided to add you considering your valuable input in a lot of off-topic threads. VGC needs to clone you.

    < Kasz216 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Something i think you'll find interesting about the gini coefficent.

    It is funny you posted this because I have had google and this thread up for an hour looking at it. Just finally decided to be dumb and ask a question.

    on 11 December 2011

    < spurgeonryan posted something on mrstickball's wall:!/@BenTheGuy

    and your numbers site have had no updates almost. Did your wife have the baby? That was you right?

    I have two degrees and they are worthless, but I would be willing if a job was offering just for any degree. Those offers do not pop up too often.

    Top selling WW games?

    Yes, she delivered last night. Work has been so crazy, because we're working on a new database to help our clients out, as well as some technology that will take a bit of work burden away from me. When that is done, I imagine I will get a lot more time to post data.

    As for top selling WiiWare games, its been pretty abysmal lately. I want to say 3D Pixel Racing is the only game that has sold over 10,000 copies in the past few months (of new titles, mind you). WiiWare just had its worst-performing month of the year in October, as the service is winding down.

    I'll try to post an update with some 3DS numbers in the near future since we've been tracking them for awhile now.

    What kind of degrees do you have? What kind of skills do you have? If anything comes about, I will try to keep an eye out for anything.

    on 25 November 2011

    I have a Bachelors in Environmental Management (working on Masters as we type), and I have an Associates in Business Science (Also working in Bachelors as we type, just a little closer to this one though). Experience is minimal, which is the problem. I worked in the U.S Army, and as a Vehicle Registration clerk for the Army DMV. For about two months I worked for the Post Office.
    Degree's are great, but mean nothing without experience. I cannot even seem to find people who would take me as an intern or volunteer work to get some experience.
    So that is one reason why I have no job. I can only assume that older more experienced workers are still taking lower paying jobs.

    on 28 November 2011

    Sorry to hear that. If I come across any jobs that can use your skill set, I will let you know. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    on 28 November 2011

    If your looked for a job that requires "Any college degree" substitute teacher might be a good way to go. Especially if you live in Ohio. They are hard up for subs like crazy.

    on 11 December 2011

    I mean I hear it pays ok, and could be argued it's work managing unruly people in tough situations. (Coming in on the fly for a day or a few days, or a week where others have much longer to prepare.)

    on 11 December 2011

    < Kasz216 posted something on mrstickball's wall:

    Found these statistics interesting. It SEEMS like the reason people with college degrees are unemployed isn't even that they chose a worthless degree, so much as they refuse to work a job that DOESN'T use their worthless degree.

    General Education has one of the highest levels of degree when General Education is basically code for "Study what you want and we'll give you a degree as long as your check clears."

    Psychology has a lower unemployment rate then clinical psychology and organizational psychology by a LOT. When the only difference between those degrees is the psychology major has less marketable skills because they didn't pick a focus.

    Of course. If you sort that list (which is great, BTW) by unemployment, the bottom list makes the most sense: They are all going to go into their field... Science, engineering, math, astronomy.

    Comparatively, the very worst ones are degrees that may simply not have the kind of availability the other degrees do. Its amazing that some degrees have a higher unemployment rate than the average.

    on 19 November 2011

    What i find interesting though is that other degrees, like General Education and Psychology practically have ZERO availability yet low unemployment. I guess because they know there isn't availability and are more willing to get a job rather then hold out for a job that may never come because they have the old "personal immortality" syndrome?

    on 19 November 2011

    Probably so. It'd seem that the piece of paper should open doors if your willing to walk through them. When I worked at InstantAction, the number of people with degrees in irrelevant fields was astounding. I mean, one of my co-workers had a PHD in some sort of Psycological field... He was programming.

    on 20 November 2011

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