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    Xbox Empire - Microsoft Acquires Bethesda | Game Pass Reaches 15m Active Subscribers

    in Microsoft Discussion 12 minutes ago by DeusXmachina

    shikamaru317 said:

    If what I'm hearing is true, the name is as big as Bethesda ... let's wait — King Ragnar (@bindda) September 30, 2020
    Bethesda is 8 letters so it has to be someone with 9 or more lol. Seriously though, that sounds fake to me. ...

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    Microsoft Has Put Themselves Back In The Game!

    in Gaming Discussion 37 minutes ago by BraLoD

    Teh warz, the thread. ...

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    COMG! Japan Preorder Chart

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago by Farsala

    LGBTDBZBBQ said: Farsala said: Since BlackBeauty and you made the claim first, I will leave the burden of proof on you guys. To think that MH and anime games aren't completely overrepresented on COMG is quite the interesting take. Search for "COMG! Japan Preorder Chart" thread  That only proves my point, thanks! ...

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    Xbox acquires Bethesda

    in Microsoft Discussion 2 hours ago by Hynad

    goopy20 said: LudicrousSpeed said: Is the pattern a quality library of different genres? What do I win for getting it right? Wow, lots of great games with loads of replay value across different genres, and these aren't even their big titles. Sounds terrible. Look, we all have different tastes in games. Personally I love stuff like Wasteland 3, battletoads, Grounded as...

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 4 hours ago by JRPGfan

    haxxiy said: "The new coronavirus will cause permanent changes in how people behave and interact." Brazilians: Note that at the moment people are technically forbidden from remaining on the beaches in a lot of places, including Rio, which is what you're seeing here. But if you're a cop or a city guard, what can you even do if you're confronted with this? Only like 500,000...

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    Best Star Trek series

    in Movies Discussion 5 hours ago by Leynos

    curl-6 said: SvennoJ said: The good thing about Enterprise is, it just keeps getting better. I started slow and ended practically binge watching the final season. That's good to hear. It is very slow early on and the first season was definitely a slog, but everyone tells me season 3 and 4 are awesome. Manny Coto took over for Berman in Season 4 (minus the final...

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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 6 hours ago by Captain_Yuri

    [img][/img] ...

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    Great graphics, shame about the gameplay

    in Gaming Discussion 7 hours ago by mjk45

    curl-6 said: mjk45 said: HAZE, can't remember if it was a looker just got out of decade long therapy after playing it. but game play was crap, The Order was out of order . liked tlous but uncharted by the time I finished UC2 I got tired of the gunplay. Even for the time I remember Haze being pretty ugly. Ahh what were you thinking now I'm back in rehab ...

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    Xbox Series X/S expandable storage is expensive....

    in Microsoft Discussion 7 hours ago by eva01beserk

    Conina said: yvanjean said: Well, we now have an answer to how long it will take to move:One of them comes from GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb who tested how long it takes to transfer files between various drives. In the video embedded above, Grubb moves Assassin's Creed Origins (which is a 49GB file) around his storage locations in different configurations. Here's what the tests...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 38, 2020 (Sept 14 - Sep 20)

    in Sales Discussion 8 hours ago by LGBTDBZBBQ

    MasonADC said: LGBTDBZBBQ said: Let me show you what youtube views does vs reality vs vs vs vsthe most useless metric to predict the sales ever is this the wrong thread No, i just wanted to stop him from spreading fake news as he mentioned youtube views as the penultimate to gauge the interest of Japanese customers as MHR news is far bigger than MHW...

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    VGChartz Gap Charts August 2020 Discussion Thread

    in Sales Discussion 8 hours ago by curl-6

    trunkswd said: Be sure to share this article here. Switch vs PS3 Sales Comparison in Europe - Switch Lead Grows in August 2020 This monthly series compares the aligned European sales of the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 3. Switch Vs. PS3 Europe: Gap change in latest month: 121,015 - Switch Gap change over last 12 months: 898,900 - Switch Total Lead: 1,449,592 -...

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    Stadia Pro games of October

    in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago by VAMatt

    They need to spend some money to get at least one big AAA game per quarter in the Pro subscription within a couple months of launch., And maybe one of each year's big fall releases on launch day. The offering at this point is generally pretty decent. But, they need something exciting once in a while. I figure I will eventually give Stadia a try. But, there just hasn't been anything compelling...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 9 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

    Just bore witness to my body double being destroyed. *stabs Eagle in the eyes* ...

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    The console market is stabilizing

    in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago by The_Liquid_Laser

    kirby007 said: The_Liquid_Laser said: Well, all I can say is this.  I hope you get lucky and don't end up living in a box. FYI you got trolled hard by a joke can see 4 points recognising this :1. getting personal2. cherrypicking irrelevant data3. ignoring your points4. fanboying Can't tell if he is trolling or in spin alley.  He talks like a...

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    The NFL Thread 2020: Chiefs defeat Ravens 34-20 - Week 3 results and standings

    in Sports Discussion 12 hours ago by hatmoza

    RolStoppable said: DEN-NYJ 1 BAL-WAS 1 PIT-TEN 2 LAC-TB 2 SEA-MIA 1 MIN-HOU 2 NO-DET 2 CLE-DAL 2 JAX-CIN 2 IND-CHI 1 ARI-CAR 1 NYG-LAR 2 BUF-LV 1 NE-KC 2 PHI-SF 2 ATL-GB 2 If The Jets are ever going to get a win, this is this chance against a beat-up Denver team. I think Denver is starting a different QB too CIN is in the...

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    Youtuber says Ubisoft could be bought out by either google,microsoft, or amazon

    in Gaming Discussion 14 hours ago by sales2099

    If Ubisoft is a public traded company then we will all know about it. There will be a bidding war ...

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    I predict 10 million PS5 shipped by March 2021

    in Sales Discussion 15 hours ago by jason1637

    Rumors says Sony is shipping 11m so I think thats possible. ...

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    Great gameplay, shame about the graphics

    in Gaming Discussion 17 hours ago by Shiken

    Two Worlds 2 comes to mind. The visuals looked a generation behind and it was a sequel to a HORRIBLE game...but the gameplay of Two Worlds Two was great, and really suprised me. I had a lot of fun with that very underrated WRPG. ...

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    Need a game for my toddler to play around with

    in Gaming Discussion 18 hours ago by CladInShadows

    Keeping an eye on this thread. I have twin toddlers (23 months old) and something else to help burn their energy isn't a bad thing. ...

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    VGC users I can't barely tolerate

    in General Discussion 1 day ago by Eagle367

    Makes fun of others but the ant fodder can't even play cricket.... Smh ...

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